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5E6153-Bell & Gossett
Carbon steel shell and tube heat exchanger, featuring a MAWP of 150 psi @ 375 degress for both shell and tube. Unit has capacity of 13 gpm and features a 2 hp pump.

5E7826-APV SR21
316 S/S, plate and frame heat exchanger with 51.5 total ft (298.8 total ft maximum possible) and aprox 2.57 sq.ft. heat transfer area per plate.

5C6253-Cherry Burrell
Lab size ecentric jacketed 3 x 12 scrape surface heat exchanger. Working pressure of 20 PSI. Has a 3" product inlet and 3" product outlet. Equipped with a vari-speed motor and is mounted on a common base with casters.

5D7424-Votator SX41B
Scrape surface heat exhanger. Equipped with 9" diameter x 48" long S/S tube with product ports of 2-1/2" dia inlet and 1-3/4" dia discharge. Unit has media ports of 3/4" dia inlet and discharge, incoming media pressure guage, discharge media temperature guage, thermostat and motor gear reducer.

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