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5E2029-APV Baker
160 head 7mm depositor equipped with a 38' L cooling tunnel for hard candy line. Hardens candy before going into packaging lines. Controls include E-Stop and jog.

Full enrober to completely cover candy bar equipped with a 84"L x 72"W S/S mesh conveyor. Equipped with air knife, (6)2-1/2" diameter tri-clover product dispensers and 72"W x 2"L heat lamps. Unit has an infeed / discharge height of 44".

5E4640-APV 250DF
Complete R & D double row hard candy depositor with cooling tunnel line. Unit is capable of doing up to 72,000 pieces / hour at 60 strokes a minute.

5E2523-Sollich SSCS1300
Automatic bar slitting and spreading machine capable of handling working widths of product from 400mm to 1300mm.

5E4647-Latini EXECUTIVE
Single screw center fill candy extruder capable of 1,000 lbs / hr. Has 2 1/2"dia x 36" L S/S extruder barrel with product extension.

5E4645-Ruffinatti IM
Batch size automatic kneading machine with a batch size range of 20-70kgs. Machine is designed to knead, homogenize and evenly cool down the high boiled sugar masses for hard center filled products.

5D4034-Hosokawa Confectionaries HS800S
S/S Guillotine with 32" blade and 32" wide x 136" long conveyor with an infeed height of 40". Can be adapted to various cut heights with appropriate blades.

5E2015-General Oil Equipment
Stainless steel liquid spray top/bottom coating system rated at 50 fpm. Equipped with 72" L x 42" W mesh product conveyor with 42" W x 1" H tunnel, 16 head air knife, a 12 gallon holding tank with agitation and temperature control.

Stainless steel continuous dual wheel cooling system capable of up to 1000 Kg or 2,200 lbs of product per hour. Unit has dual 40" diameter x 28 3/8" surface face with stainless steel cooling wheels, water chilled with temperature reduction from 59 to 46 deg F.

5D8168-BCH 9012
Automatic S/S 24-nozzle wet paste side flow extruder with twist head. Features 2 cu.ft. hopper(15"L x 15"W x 16"H) with grated top, 3" dia. horizontal feed screw, 24 placing nozzles with rotation control and 20"L nozzle placement area.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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