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Bakery Equipment JUST ARRIVED for November!!

5D2055-Rheon KN300
bakery equipment, encruster capable of up to 60 pcs/min. Has three functions of dividing, forming and filling in one process. Product weight range of 10-300g. Filling typical products:moon cake, potato bread, bread, meat pie, pizza toast, cookies and more.

5F3308-Fry&Form Maskintekik, APS Charlie
auto, S/S pastry folding machine rated up to 9,000 products per hour. Equipped with a 36" L x 25" W neoprene infeed conveyor, cutting wheels, forming trays.

5F3267-Moline 530
sheeters, bakery equipment, multidirectional, S/S dough sheeter rated up to 100 feet per minute. Roller opening range: 0 to 3". Equipped with a 24" wide x 42" long Neoprene infeed conveyor, 24" wide x 5" diameter.

5E0518-Mallet 435
20 head, inline cake pan greaser, rated up to 100 cycles per minute. Has 20 metering pumps, and nozzles on 48" wide product depositing bar, set-on 2" centers. 108" long product conveyor.

5F0652-Fritsch EUROLINEXL660LR
sheeters, multi-purpose bakery make-up line combines dough sheeting, calibrating, roll cutting, moistening, filling, forming and a final guillotine cut. Dough sheet width: 24" Production rate: from 0.8 to 9 meters per min.

5F7210-Peerless PBD6
rounders, 6 pocket bread divider, with rates from 60 to 315 pieces per min. Equipped with 60" L x 12" W neopreme product conveyor and flour duster with ram, knife, division box and ejector.

5F6739-Fedco SS123COS
depositors, bakery equipment, spin disc coating system, all S/S construction with conveyor speeds up to 45 feet per min. S/S solution filtering system with strainer, removable cover and level detector.

5D4045-ET Oakes Corp 14MO712
S/S, horizontal continuous rotor stator pin mill mixer with a capacities range of 315 lb/hr to 1800 lb/hr. With 14" outside dia mixing head and 2" outside dia threaded center product port.

5F6890-Doboy STRATUS
horizontal wrapper rated from 20 - 110 ppm. Equipped with 72" long lugged product infeed with adjustable width guide rails, 7" wide seal bar, registration, and a 24" long discharge chute with safety guarding.

5F5794-ET Oakes Corp 303MV151
vertical, continous, slurry S/S mixer and transfer system rated to 500 lb batches with 4 to 9 min mix times per batch. 28" ID x 30" straight wall S/S mixing tank.

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