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5E6320-Majonnier / Universal
Combo, Model M flow mix/Model RT3 carbo cooling system rated from 2000 to 4800 gph with cooling capacities from 80F to 36F. Control panel has manual/auto, water, syrup, compressor, pump, surge controls, and pressure gauges.

5D8892-Pfaudler RP628
Auto, 28-head rotary, piston can filler capable of 300 to 800 cans per minute. Equipped with 12 oz pistons. Has 5" centers, 88 gal filler bowl, 60"L x 4 1/2"W in feed conveyor, worm screw to star wheel in feed and 16mm dia drum valve opening.

5F7071-Autoprod / Oystar FP2x4
Autoprod Model 2 x 4, auto, inline, S/S cup filler, die cut heat sealer rated from 10 to 30 cycles, or 120 - 240 cpm. With dual lane cup denster, dual lane 8-head piston filler with product hopper and dual lane heat-sealing section.

5D4181-Serac R1216NW
12-head S/S rotary scale filler rated up to 150 cpm. Equipped with four head S/S rotary capper, 15.5 lbs max scale capacity. Variable speed drive and no container no fill. Equipped with gutter drain.

5C9151-Federal G185
S/S, 18 valve Filler & Capper, right-hand rotary gravity filler capable of filling & capping at speeds up to 85 gpm. Container Size Range: 4" to 12" H; Dia 6-1/2". Features float control valve for level control and cap sorter feeder bowl.

5E7315-George J Meyer 40-8
Monoblock 40 Head filler / 8 head capper with overhead product feed system with overflow drip capable of speeds up to 400 bpm. S/S product conveyor and worm screw to star wheel infeed and discharge.

5F6761-Walker 1600 Gal
S/S atmospheric, mixing tank. With 84" ID x 68" straight wall, 316L S/S contact parts, dome top, has 22" ID man way with flip-up, clamp down cover, S/S side mounted access ladder, bridge mounted agitator with dual CIP spray balls.

5F0733-Moyno 2FFJ66SJEFEE
Progressive cavity, open throat, low shear, 304 S/S, pump rated up to 60 gpm. Equipped with a 8 cu ft S/S product hopper attached to a 12.5" x 4" flanged inlet, 5" OD x 36" long auger screw, and a 4" OD sanitary discharge.

5F2715-Little David 16A
Automatic, uniform, top and bottom case taper rated up to 60 ft/min. Equipped with 72" long x 4" wide dual bottom rubber belt drives, auto minor flap closer, major flap plows, hand crank height adjustable and lexan safety guarding.

5F5843-Kisters TP30VI
Auto, S/S, tray erector / drop packer rated up to 30 tpm. With a 120" L x 22" W Flexlink product infeed conveyor, static dividers, adjustable tray magazine with vacuum pick and place, tray lift table, product trap door and tray forming section.

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