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5C4519-Bosch TO-E 2-120-2 Extruder
with S/S contact parts and dual 120mm screws per barrel. Rated 200 - 1400 kg per hour. Feat. product hoppers with force feeders. Hoppers and barrels are jackets. Requires hot water supply to heat barrels.

5C9215-Rasch TR5
tempering machine rated capacity is 300 to 1100 lbs/hour. Chocolate is feed continuously to the machine from holding tank at any temp. from 100F - 110F. Within ten minutes from the start, seeded chocolate can be delivered to the enrober.

5E2520-Hosokawa Canfectionary, FP200-1000
auto, rotary formpress, roller slab press, 3 smooth rollers designed for both pressure sensitive, or beaten materials. 192mm dia(left), 180mm dia (right) and 200mm dia(bottom) smooth roller sections.

5E4622-Hohberger Cooling Wheels
S/S, 60" dia x 22" W cooling wheel. Has 1" lip, 1-1/4" dia drum inlet, 1 3/8" dia drum outlet, sight glass, and pump with independent motor drive. Powered by 1 1/2hp reliance electric motor, on steel frame.

5E4640-APV 250DF, Depositors
complete R & D double row, hard candy, depositor, with cooling tunnel capable of doing up to 72,000 pieces/hour at 60 strokes/min. Has electronic servo driven depositor with dual product hoppers.

5E4647-Latini EXECUTIVE
twin screw, center fill, candy extruder, capable of 1,000lbs "PLUS" an hour production. Has S/S (1) extruder barrel, with product extension, S/S, product hopper, and auger feeder, a thermo regulator.

5E9060-National Equipment Enrober
24" W chocolate enrober. Has a 24" W x 66" L, S/S wire mesh belt conveyor, with inner top mounted chocolate applicator, and product blower. Viking Model KK124A pump system that recirculates the chocolate from a product tank to flow pan.

5F0323-Hohberger Vacuum Cooker
rated up to 300 lbs/hour. With a Bulk Mfg Co jacketed processing tank, shell and tube heat exchanger, vapor flash chamber, exhaust blower,Kinney liquid ring vacuum pump with tempature and pressure gauges.

5F0662-Aasted 1000
9 plate chocolate tempering system rated up to 1000kg or (2,200 lbs) per hour with pressure rating: up to 6 bar. Equipped with nine plate tempering chamber with water jacketed plates and scrape surface agitation.

5F3350A-NID PD-059
auto, confectionary depostitor / printer rated up to 400 lbs/ hour. Equipped with two S/S jacketed hoppers, 12" W x 108" L, two chain product conveyor, two rows of ten depositing nozzles, imprinting station, and hand crank variable speed controls.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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