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5E9759-ABC 800
Auto, case erector, packer, H/M sealer rated at up to 20 cases/min. Has a blank case magazine capable of holding up to 300 blanks, (4) suction cup pic-n-place, carton infeed conveyor with upstack collation and load.

R24990-Adco 15DZ60SS
Semi-auto, horizontal, continuous motion, all stainless steel, hot melt glue cartoner rated from 20 to 60 cartons per min. Nordson ProBlue 2 gun hot melt glue system, major and minor flap closers, self contained vacuum system.

5D1241-Bivans 74T
Semi-auto, continuous motion vertical tuck cartoner rated from 40 to 120 cartons per min. Set on 6" centers. Equipped with vacuum pick & place, 5' foot load area on each side, barrier guarding and E-stop.

5F6991-Clybourn 312-E
Spectrum series, auto vertical, hot melt glue, cartoner rated from 40 to 110 cartons per min. With 130" L (2) chain powered blank carton magazine, 6 pocket rotary product funnel filling system with vibratory motors to settle product.

5E4163-Douglas Machine KDCP-24
Auto, case erector, side packer, and glue sealer capable of speeds up to 20 cases, or 240 cartons per min.190" L x 7 1/2" W rubber product infeed conveyor, to a 14" L x 8" W product collation system.

5E2240-Fallas JR-VAC-CE
Auto, top load, robotic, case erector/packer, rated up to 30 cycles per min, or 14 cases per min. With a 44" L x 36" W blank case magazine, recipicating suction cup case erector, 90" L x 14" W canvass product belt in feed conveyor.

5F1820-Jones/Oystar CRITERION 2000
Auto, intermittent motion, S/S, servo driven, horiz. hot melt glue cartoner rated from 40 to 100 cartons per min. All s/s wash down contruction, has rotary bucket turrit feed system with 9-1/2" L x 3-3/4" W x 1-5/8" D buckets.

5E9751-Multipack FRB 500
Auto, intermittent motion, horizontal, hot melt glue trayer/cartoner rated from 20 to 50 per min. Equipped with 40" L x 12" W product in feed conveyor and dual 48" L x 4-1/2" H side product transfer belts.

5E9753-Marchesini BA300GL
Auto, continuous motion horiz. cartoner, capable of speeds from 120 to 300 cpm, adjustable bucket in feed, three chain lug system set on 5" centers, rotary carton feeder, barrel cam product loader and tuck closure system.

5F6770-Kodiak Cartoner 510-80
Wrap around, auto cartoner. Features include continuous motion operation at speeds 50 to 300 cartons per minute with an extremely reliable multi-head rotary sleeve erector for smooth operation.

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