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5C3291-Kalish MONOCOUNT
tablet/capsule complete tablet filling line consisting of Kalisort 60 bulk bottle unscrambler, Swiftpak 12 track counter capable of 45-60 bpm on 100 counts. Kotner, Capper, with interconnected conveyor. The system is confiqured in U-shape thereby reducing manpower.

5D9291-Winkler Complete Bagel Line
capable of running up to 2400 bagels per hour. Consists of Winkler dough feeder, Admiral 4 pocket dough divider and rounder, 300mm W transfer belt conveyor intermediate proofer drying zone.

5E4635A-Klockner Hansel Candy Line
Complete weighing, dissolving, rotary vacuum cooking and forming system rated from 300 to 1000 kg. Can be used in production for hard candy, hard candy with center fillings, jelly, soft caramels and chewy candy products.

5E1830A-US Bottlers Liquid Filling Line
fully automatic, capable of speeds up to 500 cpm. Comes with a Barry Wehmiller ZC4-1 S/S uncaser, US Bottlers 56 Hd rotary gross/net weigh liquid filler w/control system.

5E3224A-Thiele Powder Bag Filling
automatic, consisting of a Thiele bag hanger, Hapman screw feeder, Merrick weigh feeder, S/S hopper, and a St. Regis v-trough discharge conveyor. Speeds: 4 to 8 bags/min.

5E8863-Ideal AFS1-2780-3
Complete paint or adhesive filling, lidding, labeling and bail inserting line rated up to 50 gallon containers per minute. Line consists of 60" OD empty container disc unscrambler filler/lidder able to be run 1, 2, or 3 heads with valves vol.

5E4580-Bemis BAGLINE Complete Line
capable of speed from 20-40 bpm, w/adjustable weight ranges from 2-10 lbs. Includes: Bemis FF-108, head, feeding and filling machine, Doboy GS1000 hot glue bag sealer. Great Lakes 16550-37CB shrink bundler.

5D0681A-Groen DR/CSB
Snack Carmel corn system, with two Groen S/S jacketed side scrape kettles. Waukesha model 10 positive displacement transfer pump. It can concentrate 4000 pounds of caramel syrup/hour with a heat transfer area of approx.150 sq ft.

5E5367A-Vemag HP15C/DFC816 Meat
Complete filling, capping and labeling line rated up to 100 cpm. Line consists of 42" diameter disc unscramber feeding into 10 head inline pressure over flow liquid filler with touch screen interface controls.

5F4170A-Accutek Complete Liquid Line
Capping and labeling rated up to 100 cpm. Consists of 42" dia disc unscrambler feeding into 10 head inline pressure over flow liquid filler with touch screen interface controls.

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