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Complete filling, capping and labeling line capable of speeds up to 100 cpm.
Powder/Liquid Complete Lines

Vial filling/stoppering line with speeds of up to 100 cpm (25 max cycles/min).
R22201-Kiss Packaging
Complete liquid filling line includes: (1) automatic 4 head inline gear pump filler, 316 S/S 1/4" nozzles, microprocessor control, automatic container indexing, container and 30 product set-up memory.
5D7765A-Pneumatic Scale
Complete automatic S/S net weigh filling line capable of speeds to 200 cpm.
5D8002-US Bottlers
Automatic bottle filling and capping line capable of up to 420 bpm.
5D5683-Bartelet IM714
Automatic, intermittent motion, horizontal f/f/s and cartoner capable of speeds up to 60 ppm.

5D5232A-All Fill
Complete powder filling line rated to 25-50.
Powder/Liquid Complete Lines

5E1830A-US Bottlers
Fully automatic, complete liquid filling line capable of speeds up to 500 cpm.
Complete bottled water filling/packaging line capable of up to 200-300bpm.
5E1770A-Raque PFHS
Complete tray filling/sealing line capable of doing up to 110 tpm (depending on size tray and fill).
5E4580-Bemis BAGLINE
Complete powder bag filling, sealing, bundling line capable of speed from 20 - 40 bpm.
5C0131A-Horix 60224
Complete line 24 head Horix piston filler and Alcoa 212-6 capper.

Automatic chub filling, double clip line capable of up to 50 cycles / min.
Snackfood/Bakery Complete Lines

5E0101-Heat & Control CC20
complete 3000 lb hr corn tortilla oil fry line.
6M1397-APV Baker
Complete automatic, slurry make-up, dissolving, cooking hard candy kitchen and depositing line capable of up to 405kg@hr.
5D8581A-Poly Pak
Shrink Wrap (full enclosure) & Traying line capable of up to 50 cycles per minute.
bagel line capable of running up to 2400 bagels per hour.
Licorice processing / packaging line capable of up to 1200 lbs per hour.

5E4635A-Klockner Hansel
Complete weighing, dissolving, rotary vacuum cooking and forming system rated from 300 up to 1000 kg/hr.
Snackfood/Bakery Complete Lines

5D3633A-Siebler HMI528
Complete, automatic, strip packaging and display hooded carton packaging line capable of up to 35 cartons per minute, or up to 2000 strip packs per minute.
Complete Bar line produces approximately 4,000 lbs per hour.
Complete 2 1/2 gallon ice cream processing, mixing, filling, and lidding line capable of filling up to to 400 gal ice cream / hr @ 22 deg f.
5B7341A-Heat & Control
Tortilla Chip Processing Line rated up to 1600 Lb/Hr. There are 5 Different Shaped Sets of Dies with The Machine.

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