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5C9887-Jaygo DISHO
S/S 170 liter Vacuum Processor with air free dispersions and emulsions of low or high viscosity liquids under vacuum.

R20671-Cornell D8
variable speed "Versator" with vacuum pump, rated up to 2 gpm. Unit has an 8" diameter disc, 1/2" product inlet, 1/2" product discharge, 1/2" top vacuum port with gauge and a 1/2" bottom drain.

5C8712-Kemwall MARK V1
Automatic, hydraulic, single color powder press capable of up to 30 compacts per min. The godet size range is from 20 mm to 89mm with a maximum depth of 8mm.

5C8623-Patterson Kelly
10 cu ft stainless steel twin shell vacuum dryer / mixer, rated for full vacuum. 16.65 cu ft total volume suitable for products.

1 cu ft working capacity rated for a bulk density on average of 65 lbs working capacity per cu ft. 316 S/S double cone tumble mixer. Unit has a liquid solids bar, 11 1/2" hinged cover charge port with a 4" diameter butterfly valve discharge.

5E0322-Filamatic ALZ700CE
Automatic, S/S 6 head inline closed environment piston filler rated from 12 to 60 containers per minute.

5E0482-Pneumatic Scale
40 head positive displacement rotary piston filler capable of speeds up to 500 cpm. Has a max fill volume of 37oz. Container size range of (round max) 4 1/2", (oval max) 4" x 3 1/2", (dia max) 1 1/2" and a min/max height range of 2 1/2" - 14".

316 S/S, Positive displacement 20 head rotary filler capable of speeds up to 200 cpm. All S/S contact parts with 1/4" diameter nozzles on 4-3/8" centers.

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