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5E0084 Fryma VME700
700 Liter, 304 Stainless steel processing vessel. Fully jacketed and vacuum rated with three independent mixing/blending devices and drives. Lock down dome top with pneumatic lift has 9" diameter port, 5 1/2" diameter sight glass, and a 2 1/2" top inlet.

5E0184-MRM Elgin RPF16
Automatic, 16 head, rotary, piston filler capable of filling up to 240 containers per minute. Containers: up to 5" diameter x up to 12"H. Currently equipped with 2.5oz pistons.

5E0188-Jones IMV5
Semi-automatic, vertical, tuck cartoner capable of up to 60 cartons per minute. Cartons: (1" - 4")L x (3/4" - 2 3/4")W x (2 1/8" - 7")D.

5E0220-Posimat N15
bulk bottle unscrambler, capable of speeds up to 200 bpm. Has a 48" diameter container accumulation disc, with 14 horizontal polyethylene quick change container pockets, and 14 vertical S/S 24" long quick change container funnels.

250 liter (65 gal) 316L S/S, single wall storage/transfer tanks. 28 1/4" dia x 24" straight wall, dome top with head thickness of .105", has 16" top bolt down man way , (3) 2" OD (1) 3 1/2" OD sanitary top ports, and has shell thickness of .105". and a pressure rating of 30 psi @ 300 deg f.

5E0322-Filamatic ALZ700CE
Automatic, stainless steel, 6 head, inline, closed environment, piston filler rated from 12 to 60 cycles per minute - depending on materials and application. Equipped with a 144" long Delran conveyor, container indexing system, six FVS XL 560cc pistons, 5/16 OD nozzles.

5E1851-Bosch SVT2500AR
Vertical form fill and seal with scale rated from 20 to 100 bags per minute - depending on materials and application. Bag size range: 4" to 15 3/4" in Length; 3" to 9 3/4" in Width.

5E2623-Focke & company 486
Automatic, small footprint, RSC, case erector, packer, tape sealer, rated to 15 cpm. Case size range of: 7.1" - 29.8" L x 4" - 24.3" W x 4" - 17.2" D. has a 64" L x 40" H.

5E2778-Video Jet EXCEL 100
Single head ink jet printer, capable of line speeds up to 900 ft. per min. Character height range of 1/8" min to 1/4" max. Includes standard message storage with (8) 62 character single line or (8) 124 character twin-line messages, 66 alphanumeric and special character keys and a 40 character light line LCD display.

5E2453-Recold MW30B
Closed circuit fluid cooler capable of up to 225 gallons per minute. Air volume of 19,000cfm. Coil volume capacity of 66 gallons. Standard flow range is 1.2-4.5 depending on gallons per minute from 100-225.

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