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R24360-Johnson Industries CJ7200
All S/S, multiple purpose cheese shredder/blender capable of doing up to 7200 lbs/hr. Ideal for doing 20 lb LMPS (low moisture part skim) or whole milk mozzarella loaves as well as shredding and blending mozzarella with any cheddar type or hard cheeses, as well as pizza blends.

5E0571-Stoelting Heavy duty, S/S, jacketed, cheese curd processing table with a batch working capacity up to 4450 lbs (granular) 4100 lbs (milled). Has a 46' 6" L x 66" W x 16 1/2" D inside dimmension processing table, sloped to a 46' L x 6 1/4" W x 3" D center drain trough, with filting screens.

5C9151-Federal G185
S/S, 18 valve filler & capper, right-hand rotary gravity filler capable of filling & capping at speeds up to 85 gpm. Container Size Range: 4" to 12"H; 6-1/2" Dia.

5D9324-Modern SL1X6
Stainless steel, 6-lane cup filler rated from 60 to 300 cpm. Equipped with 60" cup magazine, 50 gal product hopper, 32 oz pistons, positive cut off nozzles, pick & place for pre-cut foil seals, over lidder and right angle discharge.

5B6411-Hassia TAS2428
Aseptic Thermo Form Fill and Seal 30 up configuration, with speeds up to 20 cycles per minute for production rates up to 600 containers per minute. Sterilizes the containers and lids with steam and hydrogen peroxide.

5D1701-Airco KF13230SCW Kwikfreeze spiral food freezer. S/S Omni Grid/Flex belt measures 13"W with a 3" clearance. Rated to 1500 lbs per hour with a variable dwell time of 4 to 40 minutes.

5E4831-WCB APV Anderson
Continuous, single cylinder, ice cream freezer capable of 100 to 400 gallons per hour of 100% over run ice cream, 200 gallons per hour of input mix. Rated at 150 Psi at 650F and -20F at 150 Psi.

S/S extructor, designed for grinding frozen, partially frozen, or fully thawed product, in 50 lb blocks, up to 4000 lbs/hour depending on type product and size reduction.

5D1081-Gaulin 804
316 S/S, single-stage, homogenizer rated to 4656 gph. Operating pressure to 1500 Psig. Equipped with 3-1/8" Micro-Gap valve, 4" sanitary suction inlet, 1-3/8" sanitary outlet and bottom mounted water inlet/outlets.

5E5520-Cherry Burrell
2400 gallon total, 600 gallon each, (4) chamber, 304 S/S, insulated mix / blend tank. Each chamber has dimensions of: 56" L x 61" W x 57" Deep, 18" OD.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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