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Twin column, hydraulic tote dumper. Maximum container size: up to 52" L; up to 42" W; up to 62" H. Lift pressure: up to 900 psi.

5C8402-Meto Corp DMS002
Stainless steel, 360 degree swivel rotation drum dumper capable of handling up to 150 Kg. Equipped with a 86" H columm, 24" diameter x 52" L barrel holder with 23" discharge height.

S/S, hydraulic drum dumper capable of weights up to 500 lbs. Unit can handle drums 20 1/2" dia, up to 36" H. Features 48" dump height, 60-degree dump angle, integrated hydraulic pump, S/S funnel with solids-flow valve and 8" diameter discharge open/closer lever.

5E6766-Food Manufacturing VL8
S/S barrel dumper with dump chute capable of barrels from 12" to 23" in dia and 26" to 31" H. Discharge height up to 11 ft high. Features two top lock-down for the barrel.

Dual hydraulic tote dumper rated up to 2,000 lbs. Maximum load size: up to 48" L; up to 42" W; up to 41" H. Equipped with a 10-1/2" high infeed, 81" high pivot point and a 48" discharge height.

5E8035-LMC Lewis
Twin column, heavy duty, S/S, vertical hydraulic tote dumper. Capable of handling 54"L x 78"W x 90"H totes, maximum loads of 2,500lbs and has a maximum lift height of 54".

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