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5F3294-Safeline 17X2
metal detector conveyor, S/S metal detector rated up to 180 feet per minute. Useable aperture: 2-1/2" H; 17" W. Sensitivity ratings: 1.5mm Ferrous; 1.5mm Non-Ferrous; 2.0mm Stainless Steel.

5F7469-Warren Rupp ST15ASGN4SS
positive pump, dual chamber, positive displacement, S/S diaphram pump with flow rates of .37 gallons per stroke or from 20 to 90 gal per minute. S/S contruction equipped with NPT 2-1/4 OD and 1-1/2" ID top and bottom in/outlet ports.

5F3740-Lee 10D9MT
double motion kettle, 10 gallon, 316 S/S, jacketed, scrape surface kettle. Vessel dimensions: 18" in Dia; 14" D; 7" straight wall. Equipped with a prop style agitator, removable top cover.

5F7380-Cumberland CE68
plastics grinder, auto, compact, auger fed granulator designed for heavy duty continuous reduction of items such as runners, sprues, blow molded scrap, small thin wall parts and pre-cut thermoformed web injection molding with volumes.

5F7350-Eastey ET1610-36
shrink tunnels, rated up to 100 feet per minute with number of packages. Aperture: 10" in Height; 16" in Width working; tunnel 36" in Length. Equipped with a 48" long x 15-1/2" wide powered roller conveyor.

5F7335-Torit VS550
cartridge dust collector with a clean airflow rating of 550 cfm and 65 sq ft of filtration area with external static pressure rating of 4.3, capable of handling both coarse and fine dusts. Equipped with hinged cartridge access door and cartridge area for single 12" dia x 20" L cartridge.

5F7222-WCB APV Anderson RUF
S/S, rotary cup, ice cream filler rated from 80 to 200 cups or cones and from 20 to 80 containers per min. Equipped with 48" L empty container magazine, 10 pocket rotary table and product fill station.

5F7042-3M 800R
sealer case taper, emi-auto, random top case taper rated from 2 to 15 cases per minute. Case size range: 8" to unlimited in Length; 4-1/4" to 19-1/2" in Width; 4-3/4" to 19-1/2" in Height.

5F6770-Kodiak Cartoners 510-80
wrap around auto cartoner. Features include continuous motion operation at speeds 50 to 300 cartons per minute, with an extremely reliable multi-head rotary sleeve erector for smooth operation.

5F4190-Dover 170 GAL
SS single wall tank, Vessel dimensions: 32" in Dia; 48" Straight Wall. Pressure rating: 15 psi. Equipped with a dome top, 8" diameter inlet with bolt down cover, 2" OD top inlet, 1" OD top inlet, 1/2" OD top. inlet.

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