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300 gallon glass lined reactor rated for 100 Psi internal. Full vac at 450 deg and 90 Psi jacket pressure at 350 deg. Retreat curve glass lined impeller. Speed range is 30-180 rpm.

5F5100-Zero Manufacturing W1000
1000 Gallon, 304 stainless steel, water low pressure jacketed, horizontal milk cooling tank. Vessel dimensions: 54" in Diameter; 96" Straight wall.

Semi-auto, skin packaging and die cutting combo system rated up to 2 cycles per minute number of product - depending on materials, application and operator dexterity.

5F5706-Willflow 75G
75 Gallon, 304 stainless steel, vacuum, jacketed tank. Vessel dimensions: 24" in Diameter; 32" Straight Wall. Pressure rating: 40 psi @ 200 F; Vacuum 15 psi @ 200 F.

5F3022-Willflow 470G
470 Gallon, stainless steel, jacketed tank with agitation. Chamber dimensions: 52" in Diameter; 64" Straight wall. Equipped with full jacket with pressure rating of 100 psi @ 360F.

5F6000-Safeline POWER PHASE
Automatic, conveyor through, metal detector rated up to 60 feet per minute. Usable Aperture: 6-3/4" in Height, 12" in Width. Sensitivity rating: 1.5mm Ferrous; 1.5mm Non-Ferrous; 2.0mm Stainless Steel.

5F5990-Durable TGA200
Automatic, case erector / bottom taper capable of speeds from 5 to 20 cases per minute. Case size range: 8" - 20" in Length; 6" - 16" in Width; 4" - 16" in Depth.

5F5830-Resina S30
Automatic, single head, chuck style capper capable rated from 30 to 60 containers per minute. Cap size range: 13mm to 70mm. Containers size range: up to 6" in Diameter x 2-3/4 to 13" in Height.

5F5794-ET Oakes Corp 30SMV151
Continous, stainless steel, slurry mixer and transfer system rated to 500 lb batches with 4 to 9 minutes mix times per batch. 28" ID x 30" straight wall stainless steel mixing tank.

5F5860-Lantech VA
Automatic, column style, stretch wrapper rated from 10 to 40 loads per hour. Load size: 36" to 48" in Length; 36" to 48" in Width; 20" to 74" in Height.

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