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14 head S/S dimple bucket rotary combination scale system rated up to 80 weighs per minute. Weight range: 150 grams (0.1 lb) to 5,000 grams(11lb). Maximum weighing volume of 15,000 cc (915 cu in). Maximum weighing capacity of 5,000 grams and minimum graduation of 0.5 grams.

R24780-Cherry Burrell
200 gallon, 304 stainless steel construction high shear, single wall liquefier. Square mixing chamber dimmensions 40" L x 40" W x 32" straight wall with 16" sloped cone bottom.

5F5140-Marq HPE215
Automatic case erector / bottom taper rated up to 15 cases per minute. Case size range: 8" to 27" L; 5.25" to 17" W. 3.5" to 18" H. Flat case blank size: 14.75" to 44" L; 10.5" to 33" W.

Automatic, continuous, S/S, horizontal H/M glue cartoner rated up to 300 cartons per minute. Carton size range: 1" to 10" in L x 1" to 3-1/2" W x 3" to 10" D.

5F4870-Doboy SK200
Shrink tunnel rated up to 100 feet per minute. Aperture: 18" in Width; 11" in Height. Tunnel: 60" in Length. Temperature: up to 500 F.

R24721-Pillar UNIFOILER
Compact, air cooled induction sealer rated up to 120 ft per min. S/S unit, 2kw air cooled, equipped w/ 26" L x 5" W flat bar sealing head with 2-1/2" center line and is capable of sealing 15mm to 120mm caps.

5F4920-Shanklin T62
Dual zone, shrink tunnel rated up to 150 feet per minute - depending on materials and application. Aperture: 18" in Width; 11" in Height. Tunnel: 60" in Length.

Inclined cleated belt feeder. Equipped with 30" L x 20" W x 30" D, approx 4 cu ft product hopper, 102" L x 13" W plastic Delrin incline product belt with 1" High cleats set on 6" centers.

5F4766-US Bottlers PMC24
24 Head, stainless steel, rotary chuck capper rated up to 700 containers per minute. Containers size range: up to 4" in Diameter x up to 6-1/2" in Height.

150 FT, stainless steel, quad screw, pump feeding system. Vessel dimensions: 84" L; 72" W; 48" D. Product viscocity: up to 1,000,000 CPS.

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