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5F5707-Alar 220
Auto-Vac, self contained, pre-piped, pre-wired, skid mounted rotary vacuum drum dewatering filter system capable of filtering sludges down to 1/2 micron. Equipped with 24" Dia x 24" L rotary drum 22" ID x 37" straight wall poly filter and mixing tank.

5F6778-ABC 330T
Automatic, case erector / bottom tape sealer capable of speeds up to 35 cpm. Has a (72"L x 36" W) large capacity, flat blank case magazine with KD dimmensions of: (12" - 38" L) x (8" - 29 1/4" W.

5F6750-Ishida CCWZ212PDPO
12 head, S/S, rotary combination, weigh scale system rated up to 80 weighs per minute. Weigh capacity: 4 to 500 grams with accuracies of +/- 1 gram, maximum volume of 800cc (per single dump).

5F6704-Bemis 1517 1050
Automatic case erector / bottom taper rated from 4 to 16 cases per minute - speeds depending on materials and application. Case size range: 7" to 24" L, 8" to 16" W; 6-1/2" to 24" D.

5F6674-FMC Food Tech
48" diameter, stainless steel, liquid and dry seasoning coating system. Drum size: 48" in Diameter; 96" in Length, rotating tilt.

Fully automatic, 6-up, powder fill, stick pack form / fill / seal machine, with auger powder feeder, capable of 20 - 50 cycles per minute. Stick Packages: 2 3/4"L - 7 1/2"L (70mm - 190mm) by 1/2"W - 2"W (10mm - 50mm). Fills: 1 - 30 cc.

96" Lx 24" W, stainless steel, plastic belt conveyor. Equipped with 2" high stainless steel guide rails and a 1/2 HP drive.

5F6635-Creamery Package
1500 gallon, 304 stainless steel, low pressure jacketed, three part mixing tank. Vessel dimensions: 3 sections; 64" L; 42" in W; 52" Straight wall.

5F6633-Axon EZ200
Stainless steel, cup neck banding and shrink tunnel system rated from 100 to 240 containers per minute. Film Lay flat range: 56mm to 200mm.

5F6632-Groen TA250SP
250 gallon, 316 stainless steel, steam jacketed mixing kettle. 50" ID x 44" Deep mixing bowl. Equipped with dual flip top covers and bridge mounted scrap surface agitation.

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