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Automatic, single head, can seamer rated up to 60 cans per minute - depending on materials and application. Can size: 202 to 404 in Diameter; 200 to 604 in Height.

5F3453-Extrutech DRUMAPP
S/S, continuous motion, cylindrical coating drum. Internal drum dimensions: 42" in diameter; 120" in Length. Equipped with an 18" diameter infeed with a 68" floor clearance, six 5-1/2" high baffles, 37" diameter and a discharge with a 54" floor clearance.

5F5370-CVP Systems A300
Semi-automatic, stainless steel, vacuum bag sealer. Seal area: up to 32"L; up to 1" W. Equipped with a 34" long seal jaw, dual snorkels for single or double bags, dual vacuum controls, pressure gauge and a push button controller.

4ft, 316 stainless steel paddle mixer. Aperture Inner Dimensions: 39" in Length; 13" in Width; 16" in Depth. Equipped with a top grate cover, 4" long x 4" wide paddles, and a 3.5" diameter side discharge.

5F3298-Ilapak LYNX SUPER
Automatic, 1-up, horizontal wrapper rated up to 100 products per minute. Package size range: 3" to 15" in Length; 3/4" to 6" in Width; up to 3" in Height.

5F3230-Mateer Burt AU611B
Automatic, roll thru, hot glue, wrap around labeler rated up to 600 labels per minute. Label size: up to 9-1/2" W; up to 22" L. Container size: 2-1/8" to 6-11/16" in Diameter; 1-9/16'" to 7-1/2" in Height.

5F0932-Ouellette 300
Low level, bulk depalletizer, designed to reduces initial investment by eliminating container lowerator(s) and access scaffolding while further decreasing installation and ongoing operating cost. Soft start / soft stop AC frequency drive with powered conveyors ensure smooth full pallet in feed flow.

5F3217-New York Blower
Industrial, radial curved, arrangement 9, carbon steel blower rated up to 1200 cfm with static pressures up to 22"WG - depending on application.

320 quart, stainless steel vertical mixer. Equipped with a 38" Diameter x 20" Deep stainless steel planetary mixing bowl, stainless steel spiral arm agitation, 14" x 5-1/2".

5F4764-Consolidated TG
Automatic, 8 head, rotary chuck capper, rated up to 300 containers per minute. Set on 6-1/2" centers and can handle a maximum cap size of 89mm and containers up to 5-5/8" in diameter.

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