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5F6220-Scandia 710RE
Automatic, turret type, over wrapping machine rated from 40 to 120 packages per minute. Package size range: 1-5/8" to 3-1/4" in Length; 3-1/2" to 7-1/2" in Width; 5-8" to 1-1/4" in Height.

5F6370-Wexxar WFT
Automatic, pin and dome, case erector, bottom taper rated from 5 to 20 cases per minute - speeds depending on materials and application. Case size range: 7" to 22" in Length; 6" to 17" in Width; 6" to 34" in Height.

5F6350-McDowell 201LH
Automatic, case erector / bottom sealer rated from 5 to 30 cases per minute. Case size range: 5-3/4" to 24" in Length; 5-3/4" to 24" in Width; 10" to 33" flat blank Height.

5F6290-Douglas S90TF
Automatic, intermittent motion tray former rated from 10 to 25 trays per minute. Tray size range: 14" to 25" in Length; 12" to 21" in Width; 2-3/4" to 5" in Depth.

5F6410-Alloyd 6SCBE
Automatic, 6 station, rotary blister sealer rated to 20 cycles per minute. Equipped with 56" diameter rotary table with (6) product stations, 16" x 12" seal platen area, blister and card feed sections with vacuum pick-offs.

5F6400-Lock MET 30
Automatic, conveyor through, metal detector rated up to 60 feet per minute. Usable Aperture: 4" in Height; 14" in Width. Sensitivity: up to 1.6mm Ferrous, up to 1.6mm Non-Ferrous, up to 2.0mm Stainless Steel.

5F6340-Vulcan Heart EL60
304 stainless steel, 60 gallon self contained electric, steam jacketed kettle. Equipped with one piece hinged flip top cover, full steam jacket rated to 12 psi @ 250 Deg F. (2) 1-1/4" threaded jacket in / outlets with pressure relief valve.

5E9131-Tanney 510
Automatic, continuous, wraparound, hot melt glue cartoner. 1 chain unit set on 12" centers last running single and double egg shaped air freshener canisters to 200 canister per min (double).

5F6050-Benko 9E8VCS
Carbon steel, vertical, eight 55 gallon drums heating cabinet. Interior dimensions: 59" in Width; 55" in Depth; 98" in Height. Temperature: up to 350 F.

Plastic strapping machine, number packages per minute - depending on materials, application and operator dexterity.

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