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5F3780-Algene FBP6
Automatic, blank corrugate printer rated to 100 cycles per minute. Blank size range up to 32" L x 24" W. Equipped with 40" L x 36" W x 30" H two chain lugged hand crank adjustable blank magazine.

5F3790-Axon EZ100LB
Automatic, tamper evident shrink neck bander or sleeve label applicator rated from 60 to 150 containers per minute. Layflat: 15 mm to 112 mm. Container Size Range: 3/8" to 2-11/16".

5F3820-Mateer Burt 704D
Automatic, roll thru, hot glue wrap labeler rated up to 600 labels per minute. Container size range: 1-3/4" to 7-1/4" in Dia; 1-9/16" to 10-1/2" in H. Label size range: 4-5/8" to 24" L; 1-1/4" to 9-1/4" W.

5F3867-Automate Technologies AM20
Compact, air cooled, induction sealing system with varying speeds. Equipped with a 21" L x 3" W sealer channel capable of handling up to 70mm caps, handcrank height adjustable sealing head and touchpad controls.

Complete cup / tube filling line. System designed to denest, fill, tamper evident seal, overlid, front and back label, top label, wrap around case pack and seal. Includes a Holmatic PR1S, Chicago Automation pressure sentitive labeler and a TAD wrap around case packer and sealer.

5F3931-Safeline STD10X4PIL
Automatic conveyor through metal detector rated up to 60 feet per minute. Aperture: 2.75" H; 9.75" W. Sensitivity: 0.9 mm ferrous; 1.0 mm non-ferrous; 1.35 mm stainless steel.

5F3963-Allegheny Bradford 16X3
316 stainless steel, cartridge filter. Vessel dimensions: 16" in Dia; 36" in Height. MAWP: 45 PSI and full vacuum @ 302F; MDMT: -20F @ 45 PSI and full vacuum.

5F4090-Wexxar WFT
Automatic pin and dome case erector / bottom taper rated from 5 to 20 cases per minute. Case size range: 7" to 22" in Length; 6" to 17" in Width; 6" to 34" in Height.

Poly carbonate, horizontal, plate and frame filter press. Filtration area: 95 ft; 4.34 ft per plate, 22 total plates. Equipped with four 2" OD threaded inlet / outlets, one 1.5" OD threaded outlet and variable pressure settings.

5F4150-Universal MAchine S20000CDT
Side by side, vertical, continous motion, f/f/s machines, rated up to 70 bags per minute each side. Bag size range of: 3" to 12" in W x 3" to 15" in L.

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