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5F4766-US bottler PMC24
24 Head, S/S rotary chuck capper rated up to 700 containers per minute. Containers size range: up to 4" in Diameter x up to 6-1/2" H.

5F4785-ABC 30T
Automatic, uniform, top case taper rated up to 35 cases per minute. RSC case size range: 8" to 25-1/8" L x 6" to 16" Wx 4-1/2" to 18" H.

5F4756-McBrady 200
Rotary, inverted air cleaner, rated up to 200 cpm. Container sizes range: 5cc to 5 gallon and capable of handling both plastic and glass bottles or metal containers with proper change parts.

5F4728-Hi-Speed CHECKMATE
Automatic, S/S checkweigher rated up to 600 products per minute. Product size: up to 8" L; up to 9" W. Capacity: up to 1,200 grams.

R24721-Pillar UNIFOILER
Compact, air cooled induction sealer rated up to 120 ft/min. S/S unit, 2kw air cooled, equipped with 26" L x 5" W flat bar sealing head with 2-1/2" center line. Capable of sealing from 15mm to 120mm caps.

5F4723-Goring Kerr TEKDSP
Automatic, S/S conveyor through metal detector rated up 120 feet per minute. Useable aperture: 10" W; 3" H.

25 Gallon, S/S single wall tank. Vessel dimensions: 22" in Diameter; 22" D. Equipped with a flip top cover, 3.5" OD Tri-clover inlet, and a 2" side bottom discharge.

5F4580-Hayssen RT118
Inverted, horizontal wrapper rated up to 100 packages per minute. Maximum product size: 12-1/2" L; 8" W; 2-1/2" H: 16" in Girth.

5F1550-Lee 100LD12T
1000 liter, 250 gallon 316 S/S jacketed kettle. Bowl dimensions: 48" Dia; 48" D. Jacket rated: MAWP 90 psi @ 332 Deg F and MDMT -20 Deg F @ 90 psi. Internal pressure rated: MAWP 25 psi @ 300 Deg F and MDMT -20 Deg F @ 25 psi.

Low level, bulk depalletizer, designed to reduces initial investment by eliminating container lowerator(s) and access scaffolding while further decreasing installation and ongoing operating cost.

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