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5F4531-PFM 30
Semi-automatic, 1-up, horizontal wrapper rated up to 120 products per minute. Package size: 2" to 16" L; 0.2" to 6.5" W; 0.1" to 3" H.

5F4516-Brogli Trading 3041
S/S, pilot plant colloid mill. Equipped with 14" ID x 22"D S/S, clamp on, heat capable product hopper. Unit has a bolt down cover with gasket and 2-1/2" OD / 1-1/2" OD sanitay top ports.

5F4513-Label Aire 2124M
Inline, left hand, pressure sensitive, wrap labeler rated up to 1500 linear inches per minute. Label size: 2" to 7-1/2" L x 1/2" to 4" H. Container size: 1" to 6" dia x 2" to 8" H with placement accuracy of +/- 1/32".

5F4450-Spee Dee CBE303
4 pocket, volumetric filler, rated up to 80 indexes per minute. Cup size range of 1" to 4" dia x 0.62 - 12" L. Fill range from 0.5 - 89 cu inches with proper change parts.

5F4443-Weldotron 7221S
Automatic, shrink tunnel rated up to 125 feet per minute. Aperture size: 22" W; 8" H; tunnel 46" L. Temperature range: up to 450F.

5F4434-Sweco LS30C66CHS
30" diameter, two deck, one screen, vibratory sifter rated up to 1000 lbs per hour.

5F4163-Douglas Machinery SR624
Automatic, inline, shrink bundler rated up to 35 bundles per minute.

5F4140-Ryson International SPIRAL
20" Wide, descending spiral conveyor. Infeed: 96" H. Discharge: 34" H. Equipped with a 20"W overlapping slat conveyor, 3"H guide rails, 80" dia spiral and a variable speed drive.

5F4077-Automated Packaging H100
Semi-automatic, bag sealer rated up to 45 bags per minute. Bag size range: 5" - 22" L; 2" - 10 1/2" W; .0015" - .0040" Thickness.

5F4262-IPM 20/20
Semi Automatic, low-level, stretch wrapper, rated up to 40 pallets per hour. 60" dia turntable, with a maximum load size of: 54" Lx 54" W x 80" H. Unit has a 6000 lb maximum load capacity.

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