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5D3801-Eisai AIM1088M
48 head, dual inspection/pre-spin machine capable of up to 250 vials per minute. Unit inspects solution for particles & fill level height. Vial range from 5ml to 50ml. Min/max vial base of 13mm to 35mm in diameter x 110mm in height.

5E8682-Mocon 2500
Automatic capsule inspection and checkweighing machine capable of running up to 2000 capsule/min. Size #1, 2, 3, 4, or 1800 on size# 0 and 00, with accuracy to +/- 1% of capsule weight in mgs.

R20281-MW RB300
Single or dual operator inspection belt capable of speeds up to 100,000 cph (depending on size/shape & frictional characteristics). Has automatic rotation to provide 360 degree view of all inspected products.

5E2340-Seidender V90AV60
Vial inspection unit. Equipped with 40" L product in feed conveyor, 6" H black rollers, 1-1/4" dia, on 2-1/4" centers and 3/4" separation. Inspection section, magnifying inspection glass and Halogen light with fiber-optic system.

Automatic thickness and length sorting system for both tablets and capsules featuring 7 sorting channels. Production rates up to 875,000 pieces per hour dependent upon product size, shape and frictional characteristics.

5F3804-Kramer Swiss 92250
Tablet deduster, vertical vibration, 316 stainless steel, blown air and vacuum flow system rated up to 1,800,000 tablets per hour. Tablet Size: 3 mm - 20 mm in diameter.

5E4949-Acta CD200
Cylinder style, capsule polisher, rated at speeds up to 400,000 capsules / hour depending upon application.

5D5711-Bosch Pharma TL TRAYER
Continuous motion, robotic, pick-n-place trayloader capable of up to 20 rows per minute. Can handle (2 ml to 250 ml) vials with size range of: (0.5" - 2.7") diameter x (5.875") high (including stopper).

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