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5F7420-Resina UN41P1139
auto, inline, 4-station, 8 quill capper capable of speeds from 100 to 250 cpm. Cap size range of:13mm - 89mm, currently set for 89mm cap, and container size range of:1/2 oz - 1 gal.

5D9302-Pack West 4 ROYAL
auto, S/S 4-head rotary, chuck-style capper capable of speeds from 40 to 100 containers per minute. Caps: 10mm to 110mm. Containers: up to 41/2" dia x up to 11"H. Has 16" pitch, 120"L x 4 1/2"W tabletop conveyor.

5F6980-U S Bottlers PMC8
auto, 8 head, S/S, rotary chuck capper rated from 100 to 240 containers per minute. Containers size range: up to 6-7/8" in Dia; up to 14" H. Equipped with 3-1/4" W x 84" L conveyor.

5F4764-Consolidated/Pneumatic TG8
auto, 8 head, rotary chuck capper, rated from 120 to 300 container per minute. Set on 6-1/2" centers and can handle a max cap size of 89mm and containers up to 5-5/8" in dia with proper change parts.

5F4700-White Cap VG1560LJG
auto, vapor vacuum sealing capper rated from 120 to 350 jars per minute. Cap size: 27mm to 110mm. Aperture: 6" W; 12" H. Equipped with 132" L x 4.5" W S/S conveyor, 32" dia cap feeder bowl.

5F4510-West RW600
auto, aluminum cap sealer rated from 200 to 600 cpm. Cap size range: 11mm to 32mm. Container size range: 0.5" to - 2-1/4" in Dia x 1-1/4" to 6-1/4" H with 1 to 250 cc capacity and can handle all standard serum seal style closures.

5F4052-Holmatic/Oystar PH41P
auto, S/S, inline overlidder rated from 60 to 150 lids per minute. Equipped with a 4.5" W x 164" L Delrin conveyor with adjustable guide rails, star wheel.

5F3861-Kaps All E
auto, inline, 2 station, 4 spindle quill capper rated from 20 to 80 bottles per minute. Cap size range: 13mm to 70mm. Equipped with a 24" dia bowl feeder, 90" L x 4-1/2" W product conveyor, dual side gripper belts, 4" H adjustable guide rails.

5F3790-Axon EZ100-LB
tamper evident shrink neck bander or sleeve label applicator rated from 60 to 150 containers per minute. Layflat: 15 mm to 112 mm. Container Size Range: 3/8" to 2-11/16".

5F3630-Resina UN40-1202
inline, S/S, 4 station, 8 spindle capper rated from 120 to 300 containers per minute. Cap size range: 10mm - 70mm. Container size range: up to 1 gal. Equipped with a 130" L x 4-1/2" W Delrin conveyor. H-26 cap hopper/sorter, side gripper belts.

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