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5F6682-Dairy Craft 2000 Gal
S/S single wall mixing tank. Dimensions: 92" ID; 64" straight wall. Dome top with 24" ID man way and flip top cover, bridge mounted side and bottom sweep surface agitator with stationary baffle.

5F3892-Lee 2000 Gal
304 S/S single wall, dish bottom tank. Vessel dimensions: 80" in Dia; 103" in Depth. Equipped with a flip top cover, side bottom prop style agitator, and a 2-1/2" OD center bottom discharge with 8" of floor clearance.

5F6761-Walker 1600 Gal
single wall, S/S atmospheric, mixing tank. Equipped with 84" ID x 68" straight wall, 316L S/S contact parts, dome top has 22" ID man way with flip-up, clamp down cover, S/S side mounted access ladder.

5F6635-Creamery Package 3 Flavor Tank
1500 gal, 304 S/S, low pressure jacketed, three part mixing tank. Vessel dimensions: 3 sections; 64" L; 42" W; 52" Straight wall. Equipped with three 18" dia manways with bolt down covers.

5F6757-800 Gallon
single wall S/S atmospheric, mixing tank. Equipped with 60" ID x 58" straight wall, dome top, has 19" ID man way with flip-up, clamp down cover, bridge mounted side/bottom sweep agitator with dual CIP spray balls and temperature probe.

5E8060-Lee 500 Gal
316 S/S, full vacuum, jacketed processing tank. Vessel dimensions: 62" in Dia; 51" in Depth. Pressure ratings: Full vacuum @ 250 F; MAWP: 100 psi @ 338 F; MDMT: -20 F @ 100 psi. Equipped with a heavy duty bolt down cover with hydraulic lift.

5F5810-Cherry Burrell EPDP
200 gal, 316 S/S jacketed mixing tank. Vessel dimensions: 48" in dia; 40" straight wall. Jacket pressure rating: 15 psig. Equipped with an 18" dia man way with bolt down cover, two 4.5" OD Tri-Clover top inlets, two 2.5" OD Tri-Clover top inlets.

5D4592-Pfaudler 30 Gal
glass lined tank. Features 316 S/S with a MAWP of 25 psi @ 320 degrees F. Equipped with four top inlets of 1 1/2", two 4" sight ports and one 2" sanitary bottom discharge measuring 14" from floor. Mounted on casters.

5D0734-Tecninoy 250 Gal
316 S/S, single wall tank with a 40" diameter by 64" straight wall. Equipped with a 14" manway and a 1-3/4" center bottom discharge with valve. Mounted on a S/S platform.

5E4830-Chicago Stainless 3000 Gal
304 S/S, horizontal jacketed tank. 84" ID x 132" straight wall full jacket with 2" NPT fittings, 3" dia tri clover top center inlet, and two 3-1/2" dia tri-clover inlet /outlet, and a 17" H x 21" W manway and is mounted on six legs.

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