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5F7080-Hamilton SA500
double motion S/S jacketed kettle. Bowl dim: 62" ID x 52" in Depth. Jacket rated: 40 psi @ 267 F. Equipped with dual flip top covers, bridge mounted dual motion side/bottom scrape agitator, 3" center bottom discharge.

5F6890-Doboy STRATUS
horizontal 2-up wrapper rated from 20-110 ppm. Equipped with 72" L lugged product infeed with adjustable width guide rails, 7" W seal bar and a 24" L discharge chute with safety guarding.

5E4514-Krones AUTOCOL
automatic, S/S, rotary, front & back, pressure sensitive, labeler rated from 120 to 300 cpm. 2 head, 15 station, rotary unit is set on 5.4" centers. Star wheel in feed, and discharge, twin label heads.

5F6810-Hartness 201
auto, case erector, hot melt glue, bottom sealer rated from 5 to 30 cases per min. Equipped with a 24" long blank case magazine, two suction cup pick and place, plows and flap closers powered height adjustments and single arm compression ram.

5F6796-Gaulin MS18-2.5TBS S/S
single stage homogenizer rated from 1400 to 3500 US gal per hour. Equipped with positive displacement triplex, reciprocating plungers, tapered seat valve cylinder assembly, with max operating pressure up to 5000 Psig.

5F6700-Little David 16A
auto, uniform, top case taper rated up to 60 feet per min. Equipped with 72" L x 4" W dual bottom rubber belt drives, auto minor flap closer, major flap plows, 2" tape head, hand crank height adjustable and lexan safety guarding.

5F6739-Fedco SS123COS
depositors, bakery equipment, spin disc coating system, all S/S construction with conveyor speeds up to 45 feet per min. S/S solution filtering system with strainer, removable cover and level detector.

5F6734-Marley/SPX Cooling Tower
Refrigeration Marley Aquatower Refrigeration Cooling Tower.

5F6707-Hartness L130
auto, compact, desending, drop case packer rated from 10 to 20 cases per min. Equipped with 130" L x 18" W heavy duty, thick plastic in feed conveyor, 60" L x 18" W empty bottom plastic delron case conveyor, with desending soft drop product elevator.

5F6685-Dairy Craft 2000 Gallon
S/S single wall mixing tank. Dimensions: 92" ID; 64" straight wall. Dome top with 24" ID man way and flip top cover, bridge mounted side and bottom sweep surface agitator with stationary baffle.

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