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5E3571-Convenience Foods Vacuum bowl chopper for cutting, mixing and emulsifying product up to 325 liters/batch.
Cutters / Slicers for Food Processing

All S/S dicer uniformly dices, strip cuts and slices a wide variety of products at high production capacities and accepts products up to 10" in any dimension.
R13931-Urschel M
Automatic S/S belt fed strip cutter capable of 2,000 to 8000 lbs/hr. Cuts: 3/16" - 1 1/2"W.
5E2021-Stephan Machinery VCM80C
80 quart high speed 316 S/S vertical cutter / mixer.
5D1731-Grote SA3522
Three head S/S washdown unit. 120 strokes per minute per head. Nominal 5 1/2" stroke and 22"w slicing zone.
5D5105-Toby 2475
Continuous feed slicer with up to 300 blade rpm. Capable of product from 2-3/4"L - 9-3/4"L x 1-7/8"W - 5"W.

5D0831-Patterson Kelley 30 cu ft 316 S/S Vacuum rated jacketed 30 cu ft "V" blender. Maximum density of 100lb/cu ft.
Powder Mixers for Food Processing

Heavy duty 304 stainless steel paddle mixer. (142" L x 42" W x 48" Deep) mixing chamber with (3) flip top covers, injection ports and twin overlapping counter rotating paddles on a 8" diameter shaft.
250 Cu Ft Stainless steel double ribbon mixer. Chamber measure: 54" (D) x 48" (W) x 184" (L). Outer ribbon measures 2 1/2" x 3/8, inner ribbon 2 1/2" x 3/8" & 8" shaft diameter.
5D7182-Patterson Kelley
30 Cu ft 304 S/S V blender rated for max product density of 55 lbs per cuft.
10 cu ft Double cone vacuum dryer with liquids/solids bar rated at 65 lbs per cu ft. Internal pressure with full Vacuum. Jacket Pressure rated 30psi @ 250F.

5D6791-APV 200 316 S/S 200 gallon fully jacketed triple motion kettle capable of 75psi @ 350F.
Kettle Equipment for Food Processing

1100 Gal 304 S/S jacketed mixing tank. 76" dia x 56" straight wall, bridge mounted side and bottom scrape surface agitation. Unit includes(2) separate top mounted Christmas tree drives and dual flip top covers.
R22341-Chester Jensen X70N20
200 gallon working (367 gallon full capacity) 304 S/S Jacketed cooker/cooler. 74" dia x 19" straight wall, bridge mounted agitator with bottom scrapers, fixed interior baffle and dual flip top covers.
5E2310-Groen SAF
1000 gallon 316 stainless steel 1/3 steam jacketed kettle.
Two 25 gallon stainless steel tank system with anchor style agitation. Each tank has (17" diameter x 24" straight wall), 2 1/4" diameter inlet, bottom discharge with pump. Independent lid raising/lowering mechanism with pressure gauge.

5C4392-Bran Luebbe NC33Liquid blending system consisting of 3 independently adjusted 316 S/S pumps rated up to 0.5% accuracy.
Pumps for Food Processing

5C3462-Bran Luebbe
Liquid blending system consisting of 5 independently adjusted 316 S/S pumps designed for blending a variety of solutions at viscosities to approximately 100,000CP. Unit has a temperature range from -60 F to 750 F with an accuracy between 0.1% to 0.5%.
5D9155-Rexroth 600L
Three pump hydraulic power pack with a 600L fluid tank. Features three pumps working off the same tank, tube and sheel heat exchanger rated to 350psi @ 200F.
Vacuum pump rated at 117 cfm displacement @ 29 Hg. Has a 1-1/2" triclover inlet, 2 gal hydraulic tank, 7.5 hp drive with a modular design, oil sealed rotary vane, single stage vacuum pump mounted on 4 steel legs.
5D4073-Aurora 344ABF
Centrifugal pump system consisting of 2 pumps each capable of up to 80 gpm. Units able to transfer fluids up to 60' vertically.

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