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Frain Visit Agenda

The following times are provided to help you plan your visit to Frain:

Customer Comments:

"Very impressed... I have never seen so much machinery in such good condition"
"First class operation. Not at all what I was expecting of a used equipment dealer"
"You obviously know what you are doing. Every detail down to the spare parts was covered."
"I appreciate your respect for my time. You kept us on schedule and I got the info I needed."
"I did not realize all of the options you provide. We will definitely be a rental customer."
"After seeing all of your Cartpac facility, I am very comfortable with my project"
Event: Time Allotted:
Limo ride from airport to Frain 10 Minutes
Tour of Frain facilities 20 Minutes
Review project objectives 15 Minutes
Inspect machinery 15 to 30 Minutes
Review Engineering Requirements 15 to 30 Minutes
Summarize and plan next steps 15 Minutes
Limo ride from Frain to airport 10 Minutes
*You should plan to arrive at the airport 1 1/2 hours prior to your return flight

Above is an agenda to help you plan your visit to Frain Industries. As you may know, we respect your time and want to help you get back to your plant just as soon as you are finished at our facility. Please use this as a guideline.

The average customer spends less than 2 hours at Frain. Most customers can easily visit us and be back at their plant the same day. Many customers come in the night before, stay in one of several hotels just down the street, visit Frain at 7 AM and are back in their office by noon. If that is of interest to you, let us know and we can provide you more information.

Please call or email us to let us know where and when to have our limo pick you up. We'll need this information
  • Hotel location, if we are picking you up from there
  • Flight information, if we are picking you up from the Airport
    - Airport, Airline, Flight Number, Date & Arrival Time
  • Cellular number our limo can use to contact you
  • Names of the people who are attending
We will email you a confirmation on your limo reservations.

We look forward to providing a solution to your packaging needs. Please contact your Frain representative with any questions.

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