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R23011-Bivans 74
Semi-automatic continuous motion vertical hot melt cartoner rated to 120 cartons per minute set on 6" centers with a carton size range of: 7/8" - 5" (L); 3/4" - 3 1/2" (W); 2 1/4" - 10" (D).

R22131-Shanklin F1
Fully automatic shrink wrapper capable of speeds up to 50 packages or 60 linear feet per minute (depending on size and shape of package). Package size range of: 6" - 48"(L) x 2" - 16"(W) x 1/8" - 6"(H). Max film size: 22" folded or 40" flat.

R18061-Jones CMV6
Semi automatic continuous motion vertical cartoner capable of speeds up to 120 cartons per minute. Has 6" centers for a carton size range: 1-1/4" 5-1/4" (L); 1" - 4-1/4" (W); 3" - 9" (D). Has a 8' loading area on each side of machine.

R23980-Jones LEGEND HL200
Semi-automatic, continous or intermittent motion, servo driven, horizontal cartoner capable of speeds up to 80 cpm depending on application. 4 chain adjustable unit is set on 12" centers with 4" high lugs. Carton size range of: 4" - 11" (L); 1" - 4 1/2" (W); 5 3/4" - 12" (D).

R15511-Clybourn CHLA
Track chain for minimal depth dimension, Slauterbach glue w/ ET9 interval controller. Last used on granola cereal carton. Machine has 10" centers. Carton size range: 1" - 8" (L); 3/4" - 3-1/4" (W); 3-1/2" -9" (D).

R23960-Adco 15CHLEC
Semi-automatic horizontal cartoner rated to 25 cartons per minute depending upon application with a 30" load area. Size ranges from 27"(L); 2" to 12" (W); and 4" (D).

R21341-Great Lakes TS37
Automatic continuous motion horizontal side seal shrink wrapper is capable of up to 70 ppm or 80 linear feet per minute. Unit will run 4" to infinite package Length, maximum 16" W" x 6" H.

5E6111-Shanklin T6XL Single zone shrink tunnel with variable belt speeds from 30 - 60 ft / minute. Has a 18" W x 11"H total apeture x 30" L heat chamber and a 58" L x 11" W steel mesh conveyor belt with 29" infeed / discharge height.

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