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5E5933-Shanklin HS1
Auto horizontal flow thru shrink wrapper capable of speeds up to 100 ppm. Package size range of: 3" - 60" L x 1/2" - 16" W x 1/8 - 6" H.

5E5790-Tote System
110 cu ft tote tumbler / blender has an average mixing time of 6 - 12 minutes depending on application. Designed to tumble blend dry product in the same square tote in which they can also store and ship in.

5E5760-Fuji FW370A Semi automatic S/S horizontal flow thru wrapper capable of speeds up to 150 ppm. Product size range of : 3" to 12-1/2"L; 2" to 5-1/4"W; 3/8" to 2-1/2"H.

5E5743-Enercon Compact solid state induction sealer capable of speeds up to 300 ft/min. S/S unit has a 2 KW output rating, with a 2 1/2" wide sealing channel 63mm and is capble of sealing up to 55mm caps.

5E5630-Doboy B450
Semi-automatic band sealer rated at speeds up to 450" per minute. Can handle bags from 3" - 10" H, with a max bags seal of 3/8" and 8 mil poly. Heavier gauges and gusseted bags may be run at slower speeds for longer dwell times.

5E5610-Marchesini MCP840
Automatic case erector/ packer / sealer / palletizer / monobloc system that combines the MC824 caser, with the MP830 palletizer and is capable of speeds up to 38 product picks, or 10 cases per min.

5E5894-Kirk Rudy
6 station coupon feeder and inserting system speeds. Consists of (6) Kirk Rudy Model KR 324 feed systems and (6) Kirk Rudy Model 512 inserters each with 1/2 hp vacuum pump systems and a product size range of : 3" - 14" W x 5" - 14"L.

5E5260-Air Products
"Cryo-Quick" 54" W x 46' L liquid nitrogen freeze tunnel. 304 S/S construction has 12 liquid nitrogen spray nozzles with approximate maximum (LIN) input of 3040 lbs / hr.

5E5070-AMS A400E
Automatic inline auger filler capable of speeds up to 120 cpm. Has a 22" dia, 16 gallon, 304 S/S product hopper with a dust proof bolt down cover. Unit has (1) 6" dia, (1) 7" dia top ports and a slow speed agitator.

5E4959-Cozzoli BT10
Automatic single lane tray loader rated at speeds up to 20 cycles / min. For loading containers or vials onto 3 sided trays, in regular, or staggered patterns, with (2) tray staging areas.

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