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Automatic S/S horizontal servo driven shrink wrapper capable of speeds up to 100 ppm depending on application. Package size range of: 4" - 15 1/2" L x 1/2" - 9" W x up to 2 3/4" H.


5E4173-Lee 1100U10S
1100 Gal 304 S/S jacketed mixing tank. 76" dia x 56" straight wall, bridge mounted side and bottom scrape surface agitation with (2) separate top mounted christmas tree drives and dual flip top covers.





Case Packers


R24020-Quadrel MODULINE
P/S Front / Back wrap labeler rated at 180 ppm depending upon application. Size capabilities range from 1/2" to unlimited"L x 1/2" to 4-1/2"W with a +/- 1/32" accuracy.


5E4140-Shanklin F4A
Fully Automatic Versatile High Speed Shrink Wrapping System W/ Speeds Up To 90 Linear Ft/Per Min (65ppm). Unit has Allen Bradley Controls. Package Size Range: 2"- 16" W x 3" - 48" L x 1/8" - 6" High.





Heat Exchangers


5E4111-Bivans 74T
Semi-automatic continuous motion vertical tuck cartoner rated up to 120 cartons per minute set on 6" centers with a carton size range of: Length 7/8" - 5" x Width 3/4" - 3 1/2" x Depth 2 1/4" - 10".


5E4283-Arpac 105
Shrink bundler rated at 40 ppm depending upon application. Case sizes ranging from 9" - 13.5"L x 7.5" - 10.5"W x .625" - 10"H.


Mixing Equipment




5E4390-Filz All FSG
Fully automatic S/S inline pressure-gravity filler capable of fill volumes from vials to gallons and bottles 5/8" - 8 1/4"W x 2 1/2" - 10"H. Four 1/2" diameter fill-to-volume nozzles fill 4 bottles simultaneously and each feature individual fill adjustments.


5E4231-Ohlson 2003SS
S/S Two lane three pan bulk dribble scale rated at 1-5 lbs per weigh and capable of 30 weighments per minute with accuracies of +/- .02 lbs depending upon application.



Sealing Equipment

Shrink Equipment


Automatic intermittent motion horizontal form / fill / seal machine capable of speeds up to 100 ppm depending on application. Unit set on 7" centers has 14 stations and 30 individual pouch gripper clips. Pouch size range of: 2" - 6" W x 2" - 8 3/4" H.


5E0291-Multivac M855D
Semi-Automatic intermittent motion roll-stock F/F/S machine rated to 15 cycles per minute. Has a lower web width of 320mm and top web width of 305mm with a 260mm cut off area and a maximum depth of 130 mm.


Stretch Wrapping Equipment




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