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5C8472-D & W 2500 Gallon 316 S/S Reactor with dimple jacketed bottom and side walls. Maximum working pressure: shell 165 psi; jacket 70 psi @ 350 F.


5C5475-Pfaudler 1,200 gallon stainless steel 1/2 jacketed tank. Vessel has a domed top with 17" manway. Equipped with 3 flange top ports. Jacket rated 40 psi at 365 degrees.



Packaging Equipment

5C1593-Kartridg Pak Fully automatic 12 head rotary open can product filler capable of speeds of 25 cpm per head or 300 cans per minute. Has a fill range of: 4 - 550cc.


5C9131-Pfaudler 300 gallon glass lined reactor rated for 100 Psi internal. Full vac at 450 deg and 90 Psi jacket pressure at 350 deg. Retreat curve glass lined impeller. Speed range is 30-180 rpm.


Blister Equipment



5D3721-Mercer 250 cu ft capacity 304 S/S horizontal paddle mixer with 304 S/S contact parts. Chamber is 60"Dia x 45"W x 184"L. Unit has 17 fixed position crescent shapped paddles measuring 18"L x 3/4" to 3/16"Thick x 5"W on 2"dia. arms mounted on a 9" diameter shaft.


5D3821-Shanklin Automatic open ended bundler capable of speeds from 5 to 25 packages per minute. Unit has a package size range: up to 30"W x up to 15"H. Bundler equipped with impulse heat sealing jaws, photoelectric product sensor, power belt in feed and discharge conveyor.


Case Packers




5C4323-Morehouse Cowles Variable speed heavy duty disperser/dissolver capable of mixing a variety of liquids and slurries. Complete with 10 hp drive, 2" dia. S/S shaft, an air/oil cylinder lift system for easy height adjustment of the agitator and a 26"dia. x 30"H mixing vat.


5E1630-Ross Vertical double planetary carbon steel paste mixer with a hydraulic follower plate discharge system. Unit has a maximum working capacity of 200 gallons.





Sealing Equipment

3700 Liter 304 Stainless steel processing vessel. Fully jacketed and vacuum rated with three independent mixing/blending devices and drives.


5C6889-JH Day 125 gallon dual motion vertical pony mixer with a maximum capacity of 137 gallons and working capacity of 125 gallons. Has a final agitator rpm of 35. Unit is equipped w/304 stainless steel manual lift cover and agitator.


Shrink Equipment


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