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The Frain Group has over 8,000 pieces of Pre-Owned Packaging and Processing Machinery all available under one roof, and
These Items have JUST ARRIVED!!

5E4021-Douglas WACP21
Automatic wraparound case packer/glue sealer capable of speeds up to 25 cases per min. 4 chain, adjustable unit is set on 21" centers with 4" W x 5" H metal lugs.

5E4740-Holmatic R8000
Automatic S/S intermittent motion rotary cup filler/heat sealer capable of speeds up to 40 cpm. Maximum container size of 5" dia x 6" H. Unit fills up to 36.5 oz.

Automatic inline stainless steel cup filler/die cut sealer capable of speeds from 120 - 240 cpm or 30 cycles / minute. Unit denests, fills, and pre-cuts seal cups. Currently set to do a 2 x 4 pattern.

Semi Automatic low-level stretch wrapper capable of wrapping up to 25-35 pallets per hour. 58" diameter turntable with a maximum load size of 50" L x 50" W x 80"H, and maximum load weight of 4,000 lb with a 72" L x 48" W low level skid ramp.

5E4200-Solbern PDFP
40 head rotary continous motion volumetric filler capable of speeds up to 400 cpm depending on product and size of fill. Volume of the fill is determined by diameter and height of the product pockets.

5E4540-Cozzoli FVSP
Automatic monoblock style filler, tipper and screw capper capable of filling from 1ml - 30ml at 15 - 30 cpm. Capable of filling glass or plastic round or non-round containers.

5E4010-Sencorp 1600
Automatic intermittent motion thermoformer capable of up to 24 cycles per minute. Index length adjustable 6"- 16" +/- .025 accuracy. Has preheat station 18" W x 24" L. Forming press 17" W x 16" L and rated for 7 tons.

Automatic P/S front back and neck labeler rated up to 1200" of label per minute. Front / back labelers with a label size range of: 1" - 8 1/2" H x up to 12" L. Unit can handle round, flat sided, and oval containers. Unit has a 3rd neck label head.

5E4510-Columbia 25
Automatic, compact high level case palletizer capable of doing up to 25 cpm depending on product, pack pattern, and load size. Has maximum load size of: 56" L x 56" W x 73" H with proper adjustments. Maximum load weight of 600 lbs per layer, or up to 3000 lbs per load.

12 head stainless steel combination scale rated to 80 weighs per minute. Equipped with 500cc dimpled stainless steel buckets with a weight range of 4g to 500g and accuracy of +/- 1g.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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