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5F3870-Holmatic PR4
Automatic, intermittent motion, stainless steel, 4 x 1, cup filling / sealing / lidding system rated up to 200 cups per minute. Cup size: up to 5" in Dia; up to 6" in H. Fill size: up to 41 oz.

5F3830-Clybourn BAHL
Semi-automatic, continous motion, vertical load, hot melt cartoner, rated up to 100 cartons per minute. Equipped with a 72" L blank carton magazine and 2-head recipricating pic n place.

5F3816-Label Aire 2114M
Pressure sensitive, blow spot labeler rated up to 1250" per minute. Label size range: up to 4" W; up to 5-1/2" L. Label placement accuracy: +/- 1/32".

5F3805-Sartorius North
Portable, stainless steel, platform scale capable of weighs up to 660 lbs. Equipped with a 32-1/2" x 24-1/2" platform and a touch pad operator interface with digital display.

5F3804-Kramer Swiss 92250
Tablet deduster, vertical vibration, 316 stainless steel, blown air and vacuum flow system rated up to 1,800,000 tablets per hour. Tablet Size: 3 mm - 20 mm in diameter.

5F3768-Tampco S127
Automatic, intermittent motion, S/S, shrink bundler rated up to 24 bundles per minute. Equipped with (3)3" W x 48" L Delrin right angle infeed conveyors.

5F3741-Stokes 43B
Automatic rotating granulator rated up to 1500 lbs per hour. Equipped with a 1 ft S/S product hopper measuring 16-1/2" L x 14" W x 8" H.

Oil-lubricated, rotary vane vacuum pump, with 29.3" Hg. Unit is rated up to 180 cfm - depending on materials and application. Maximum Pressure: 0.5 Torr ultimate pressure.

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