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5E3940-Columbia FL100LSRDTI
Low level full case palletizer rated to 20 cpm. Case sizes up to 22" L x 16" W x 18" H. Capable of handling loads up to 48"L x 48" W x 65" H @ 600 lbs per tier and 3000 lbs per load.


5E3960-Doboy SCOTTY
Semi-automatic horizontal wrapper rated up to 45 ppm depending upon application. Product size ranges from : 4 - 12" L x 1 - 7" W x 1/16" to 2 1/2" H and a maximum web width of 14".
3 Available!!





Case Packers


5E3920-JH Day
Heavy duty 3-roller dispersion mill rated at 700 lbs per hour depending upon application. Unit is equipped with 34"W x 8" diameter hardened rollers and a 34" working area with a 40" discharge height.


5E3755-Kiss VACT06
Automatic inline 3 station 6 spindle capper rated up to 150 cpm depending on application. Unit has size ranges of: 10mm - 125mm" diameter x 5" - 14" high containers.





Heat Exchangers


5E3400-Multivac R230
Semi-automatic intermittent motion stainless steel horizontal thermo Form / Fill /Seal machine rated to 12 cycles per minute. Unit has a 285 mm web width, maximum pre-heat length of 400mm, maximum cut-off length of 640mm and a maximum forming depth of 150mm.


R23940-Quadrel Avery Fasson
Automatic in-line S/S wrap labeler capable of speeds of up to 1000" @ min. Has a mininum/maximum label dimensions of: 1/2" - Required Length x 1/2" - 4 3/8"W, with accuracies of +/- 1/32" and can handle a container up to 10" high. 2 Available!!


Mixing Equipment




6R0085-Hoppmann FRS60
60" diameter centrifugal feeder rated at 220 ppm depending upon application. Unit is equipped with 12"long scallops, 8" wide rims and bottle up ender which discharges into a 72"L x 4"W tabletop conveyor with accumulation sensors and a discharge height of 40".


R23970-Loveshaw CF40T
Automatic case former/ bottom taper rated at 14 cpm with case size ranges from 7" to 24" in length, 6" to 16" in width, 4" to 16" in height and flight bar speed of 85 fpm.



Sealing Equipment

Shrink Equipment


6R0090-Laub 20HD
Automatic 20 head rotary pressure gravity filler rated to 200 cpm and container sizes to 5" in diameter and 10" in height. Equipped with filling heads currently set at 3/4" or 19.5mm in diameter and level sensors.


6K0104-Brenton BEC
Automatic high side open top tray former / packer rated to speeds up to 11 trays and 60 product/min. Unit has 82" L x 12" W plastic flexlink product infeed conveyor, 90 deg turn to product accumulation, collation and upstacking section.


Stretch Wrapping Equipment




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