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137"L x 8 1/2"W, plastic interlock belt conveyor. Has 15-degree curved incline infeed (32" high in, 36" high out), 37"L top drive belt, variable speed drive controller, lexan barrier guarding, and 1/2hp washguard drive motor.

5E9323 Labelette SG
Semi-automatic, hot skip glue wrap labeler capable of speeds up to 50 cpm. Designed to do spot, face, 3/4, or full wrap labeling of sheet cut paper labels. Has a label size range of: 1 3/4" - 7 3/4" H and 3 1/2" - 24" L.

5E9321-Inline ISF ILC
Automatic, inline, S/S, cap tightener / retorquer capable of speeds up to 200 cpm. Can handle cap size's to 120mm dia including child resistant, as well as pumps, and trigger sprayers, and container's made of plastic, metal, or glass from 1/2" - 7"W x 1 1/2" - 15"H.

5E9296 Groen TA60SP
60 gallon, 304 S/S, 1/2 jacketed kettle. Unit has a center bridge dual flip top cover with a 3" dia inlet, 2 hp center mounted full scrape agitation with a christmas tree secondary mixer, 1/2 jacket rated for a max pressure of 165 psi and 400F.

5E9295-APV Douglas TFC S33
Automatic, clam shell style, top tray closer, H/M glue sealer speeds dependent on size tray. 4 chain unit set on 33" centers with 4" L x 3" H plastic lugs, has a 58" L x 16" W x 5" H (2) belt tray infeed conveyor with a overhead top tray closer.

5E9230-Doboy CBSB
Semi-automatic, continous motion, band sealer rated at speeds from 300" to 450" @ minute depending on application. V-belt in feed with top bag control, has (2) heater bar, and (1) cooling bar sections, 60" L heat seal band.

5E9213-Koch SP700 SPEEDY
Semi-automatic, inline, M.A.P., S/S wash down, roll stock, tray sealer capable of speeds up to 1,000 lid only or 500 M.A.P. trays trays per hour.

Automatic, top case closer and top taper capable of speeds up to 30 cpm. Case size range of: 8" - 40" L x 4" - 20" W x 10" - 31" H with flaps up, has dual 54" L x 1 1/2" W side, and bottom rubber belt case conveyors, with an auto top flap closer, and side closing rails.

5E9201-New London
S/S, incline cleated, feeder has a 28" W x 30" L x 21" D, S/S product hopper with flip-up plastic cover, 96" L x 6" W incline product belt with 2" H cleats set on 12" centers and clear plastic product cover.

5E9079-McCarter 100
100 gallon, C/S full jacketed chocolate melt mix tank. 45" ID x 24" straight wall, flat top with bolt down cover has bridge mounted dual off set sweep agitation, (1) 6" OD product port (2) 7 1/2" OD flanged top ports, with (4) 3/4" OD bolt holes set on 4 1/2" centers, and flip-up view port.

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