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New Arrivals for March !
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These Items have JUST ARRIVED!!

5E8612-Stephan Machinery
40 liter, hi speed pilot plant / vacuum / cooker / cooler / processor pressure rated at 29 psi at 260 degrees F.

5E8610-Rietz RE15
S/S extructor, designed for grinding frozen, partially frozen, or fully thawed product in 50 lb blocks, or up to 7000 lbs / hour depending on size reduction.

5E8570-Quincy QSI1500
350hp, 2-stage, air and water cooled, oil-injected, rotary screw air compressor, with a maximum capacity of 1500 cfm, maximum operating pressure of 150 psi, and a working temperatute range of -20 - 650F.

5E8547-SWF CS2000LH
Automatic hot melt top case sealer rated to 20 cpm. Case size range to 18" W x 20" H x 24" L.

5E8545-WCB APV Anderson W112G
Continuous, single tube, ice cream freezer rated from 150-600 gph of 100% over run ice cream. 12" OD single product tube, full flooded ammonia refigeration, rated at 300psi @ 650 deg f to -50 deg f @ 120 psi.

5E8538-Chester Jensen X70
500 Gallon working capacity, 304 S/S, cone jacketed kettle. 82" dia x 29" straight wall x 38" long cone, with bridge mounted prop style agitator, secondary cone scraper drive and fixed interior perforated baffle.

5E8536-Hapman HELIX
2 1/2" Dia x 112" L screw conveyor. Unit has a 41" L x 26" W x 32" D S/S vibratory product hopper with flip up cover.

42" dia x 32" deep, 304 S/S, conical style coating pan. Unit has a removable Lexan guarding cover, foot pedal controller, 1 hp drive, and hand crank variable speed controls.

5E8429-Enercon 3200
Compact, solid state, induction sealer capable of speeds up to 300 feet / min depending on cap and container size. S/S unit has a 2 Kw output rating, water cooled, 1 gallon / 3.8 litres per minute, with a 20"L x 2" wide sealing channel (50mm).

5E8426-Goring Kerr DS3P
Conveyor through, S/S, metal detector capable of speeds from 3.1 ft/min to 1,000 ft/min. Has a 7"H x 7"W working aperture and a 8"H x 8"W total aperture.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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