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5E5367A-Vemag HP15C
Automatic chub filling, double clip line capable of up to 50 cycles/min. Line consists of a Vemag Model HP15C hydraulic driven, vacuum stuffer, has a 36" dia x 36" deep, 350 litre, tilt back, S/S product hopper with auger, side scraper, and cover.

5E3573-Henry & Sons 3000S1
Continuous, S/S, vacuum stuffer, capable of doing up to 300 lbs/min, or 18,000 lbs/hr depending on application. Has a 36" dia x 29" deep, S/S product hopper with side scraper and cover.

5E3563-Rietz RE12K7E428
S/S extructor, designed for grinding frozen, partially frozen, or fully thawed product, in 50 lb blocks, or up to 4000 lbs/hour depending on size reduction.

R23071-Urschel M
Automatic, S/S, USDA approved belt fed dicer & strip cutter capable of production rates to 4500 lbs/hr. Capable of strip cuts from 3/16" to 3" and cross cuts from 1/8" to 4".

5D1731-Grote SA3522
Three head S/S washdown unit. 120 strokes/min per head. Nominal 5 1/2" stroke and 22" W slicing zone. Most boneless/non-frozen meat, fish, poultry, cheeses, bread products, fruits, and vegetables can be sliced.

5E2021-Stephan Machinery VCM80E
80 quart, high speed, 316 S/S vertical cutter/mixer. Features 27 1/8" dia x 15" D cast aluminum bowl, 11"H discharge, 12"L x 4"W through-cover discharge with 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" openings.

5E2041-Orics Ind R20
Index-motion, MAP, four station, rotary tray sealer rated up to 13 cycles/minute. Equipped with a 48" diameter turntable with a air operated, gripper tray in feed.

5C9341-Ossid 500SW
stretch wrapper for USDA applications rated up to 75 packs per minute. Tray size: #1 through #10; or package size maximum 10" wide x 16" long x heights up to 5".

5E2048-Ossid 5010
Automatic tray, weigh scale, price print and apply, top tamp labeling system capable of doing up to 110 ppm. Has a tray size range of: (65mm - 480mm L) x (40mm - 300mm W) x (15mm - 200mm H), with a maximum weight of up to 15 lbs.

5B1555-Marlen 629
Twin piston pump capable of pumping up to 12,000 Lbs of product/hour. Has twin pistons with 6" dia x 14" stroke, and 4" Cherry Burrell "Q" type outlet, 36" dia, all S/S 600 Lb capacity product hopper with agitator.

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