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Colborne E2000
Nine station, 9" dia, rotary dough pie crust former rated to 1200 pie shells per hour.
Bakery Equipment

5C4292-Peters GT1
Stainless steel, single row sandwich machine with (2) 128'', adjustable magazines to handle a variety of basecake sizes. Capable of doing 200-700 cookie and cracker sandwiches per min.
5D0696-APV Baker
34"W dough sheeter / compressor. Has 26"L x 27"W dough infeed and four 25"W pinwheel dough kneading bars.
5D2055-Rheon KN300
encruster capable of up to 60 pcs/min. Has three functions of dividing, forming and filling in one process. Product weight range of 10-300g.
5E0518-Mallet 435
20 head, inline pan greaser. Equipped with 20 metering pumps and nozzles installed on a 48" wide depositing bar (set-on 2" centers) and a 108" long product conveyor.

Adamatic Bakery
A unique airflow design provides high volume, low velocity airflow for even bake top to bottom. Energy efficient (85%).
Bakery Equipment

5D0861-Heat & Control MPO4060
Continuously re-circulating multi-zone MPO direct gas fired and steam injection cooking oven. Equipped with (2) burners, 60'L x 48'W and rated to 4,200,000 BTU.
Stainless steel twin station, 8 piston, depositor rated to 150 deposits per minute (75 per station, 4 deposits per station). Equipped with Allen Bradley Micro Logics 1500 PLC
5E1361-Blodgett RE44
Convection oven rated up to 550 Deg with inside dimensions of 28"L x 29"W x 40"H. Equipped with S/S cart, temperature controls, 60 minute timer with alarm and cool down cycle.
5E0415-Pulver Genau
Variable speed five zone browning oven rated at 425F with variable speed and temperature controls ranging from 7-75 fpm depending upon application.

Bosch SVB2500
Automatic, S/S, vertical f/f/s, with Ishida 14 hd rotary combination scale system.
Bakery Equipment

5E7750-Hayssen ULTIMA II
Automatic, vertical, continous motion, f/f/s capable of speeds up to 120 bpm. Bag size range of: 2 1/8'' - 12"W x 3' - 16'L.
R17251-Bartelt IM17
Fully automatic intermittent motion Form/Fill/Seal, capable of up to 70 - 100 packages per minute on single pouch. up to 200 on tandems(depending on product). Package size range: 2" To 9-1/2" (height), 2" To 5-3/4" (width) and 2" (thick).
5D5611-Process Solutions OL36
all S/S construction, with a 360 deg swivel rotation barrel dumper has a maximum weight capacity up to 1500 Lbs. 146" H column, with approx 78" H rotating discharge height.
Automatic, intermittent motion, vertical, form/fill/seal machine capable of speeds up to 60 ppm depending on application. Bag size range of: 3'' - 8" W x 3'' - 16'' L.

Doboy STRATUS Horizontal wrapper capable of speeds up to 75 ppm.
Bakery Equipment

5E3961-Doboy SCOTTY
Semi-automatic, horizontal wrapper rated up to 45 ppm depending upon application. Product size ranges from : 4 - 12" L x 1 - 7" W x 1/16" to 2 1/2" H.
5E7687-Design Metals
285 cu ft total, all S/S, double ribbon mixer, 120" L x 64" W x 74" D inner dimmension mixing chamber. Unit has double ribbons on a 7" OD shaft.
5C2451-Champion 140QRT
Stainless steel 140 quart (35 Gal / 5 cu ft) jacketed dual roller bar mixer. Designed for production requirements with capacities up to 200 lbs. of flour.
Fully automatic servo driven horizontal wrapper with 3 belt automatic servo indexing conveyor. Capable of speeds up to 350 ppm.

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