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5E2036-Klockner PACK300CA
High speed, horizontal, flow thru wrapper, capable of speeds up to 1500 ppm (depending on application). Has a minimum / maximum package size range of: (15mm - 30mm L) x (15mm - 30mm W) x (8mm - 20mm H).

5E6735-Rose OH
Fully automatic, high speed forming / cutting / wrapping machine for double point end fold capable of up to 1000 pieces per minute. Product: length 25 - 45mm, width 12- 25mm, thickness 5 -15 mm.

5E4632-Theegarten EK3L
Automatic, continous motion, high speed double twist wrapper capable of speeds up to 1800 ppm (depending on application). Has a product size range of: (16mm - 40mm L) x (12mm - 25mm W) x (6mm - 20mm H).

5E0503-Goodway CML25
Stainless steel continuous mixer rated from 350 - 2400 lbs per hour (depending on product). Equipped with a positive displacement pump with s/s rotor and a 1 1/2" dia sanitary fitted pump inlet/outlet.

5E5949-Hoyer Hoyrobe
S/S chocolate enrober, designed for stickless products, rated at belt speeds up to 50 ft / min. 15 1/2" W x 34" L, S/S mesh product belt with 43" in feed / discharge height, 28" L x 20" W x 19" D chocolate reservoir with a 26.5 gallon capacity.

5D4034-Hosokawa Confectionary HS800S
S/S Guillotine with 32" blade and 32" wide x 136" long conveyor with an infeed height of 40". Can be adapted to various cut heights with appropriate blades. Lexan guarding with safety switches. Never run in production!

Seven plate, chocolate tempering unit. Has 3" diameter flanged product inlet, 2" diameter tri-clover discharge, five copper-tube media inlets/outlets, three digital gauges, and barrier guarding.

5E4648-Latini EXECUTIVE
Single screw, center fill candy extruder capable of 1,000 lbs "PLUS" an hour production. Has a (2 1/2"dia x 36" long) stainless steel extruder barrel with product extension.

5E5484-Bosch SVB2500
Automatic, S/S, vertical f/f/s, with Ishida 14 hd rotary combination scale system capable of speeds up to 140 bpm. Bag size range of: 3" - 16" L x 3" - 10" W, has a 10 1/2" W horizontal hot knife seal jaw and 17" L vertical fin seal jaw.

5E7952-Ohara CP48F
48" ID S/S, pear shaped coating pan with a capacity of up to 40.5 gallons. 48" ID ribbed coating bowl, 36" deep, and 24" ID access opening with plastic cover. 3 hp motor drive with speeds to 20 Rpm.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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