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New Candy Equipment Arrivals for May!
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6M2189-McCarter 100
100 gallon, C/S full jacketed chocolate melt mix tank. 45" ID x 24" straight wall, flat top with bolt down cover has bridge mounted dual off set sweep agitation, (1) 6" OD product port (2) 7 1/2" OD flanged top ports, with (4) 3/4" OD bolt holes set on 4 1/2" centers.

5E5949-Hoyer HOYROBE
S/S chocolate enrober, designed for stickless products, rated at belt speeds up to 50 ft/min. 15 1/2"W x 34"L, S/S mesh product belt with 43" infeed/discharge height, 28"L x 20"W x 19"D chocolate reservoir with a 26.5 gallon capacity.

6M2265-Rose 555
Automatic, 1up, servo driven, S/S, horizontal wrapper, capable of speeds up to 200 ppm depending on application. Maximum product size of: 11" L x 7" W x 2" H, and has a 82" L x 4" W S/S lugged product infeed conveyor set on 8" centers, with 1" H lugs and 36" infeed height.

Complete weighing, dissolving, rotary vacuum cooking and forming system rated from 300 to 1000 kg / hr. Can be used in production for hard candy, hard candy with center fillings, bar centers, jelly products, soft caramels and chewy candy.

5E8767-Alloyd 6S1216
Automatic, 6 station, rotary blister sealer rated up to 20 cycles/min. 52" dia rotary table has (6) product stations with a 16" x 12" seal platen area.

5E8760-Boss Packaging BAGGERBOSS
Dual head, automatic, servo driven, pre-made wicketted bag filler capable of speeds up to 55 bpm depending on application. Has a bag size range of: 4"- 14"W x 4"- 24"L, with standard bag magazine capacity of 500 - 1000lbs.

5E8742-Roper 3635HBF
Helical gear pump capable of up to 222 gallons per minute. Has 4 1/2" flanged intake/discharge ports with 2 1/4" flange, right angle ports, packing seal, outboard bearing, maximum pressure up to 120 psi, temperature range -60F to 450F, and 5 hp drive motor.

48" dia, single deck, 316 S/S contact parts, vibrating screen seperator. Unit has a 6"H deck, 1hp drive, and (2) 8" dia discharges. Mounted on a pedestal frame.

5E8538-Chester Jensen X70N50
500 Gallon working capacity, 304 S/S, cone jacketed kettle. 82" dia x 29" straight wall x 38" long cone, with bridge mounted prop style agitator, secondary cone scraper drive, and fixed interior perforated baffle.

42" dia x 32" deep, 304 S/S, conical style coating pan. Unit has a removable Lexan guarding cover, foot pedal controller, 1 hp drive, and hand crank variable speed controls. Unit mounted on a mild steel frame.

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