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New COSMETIC Equipment for February!
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These Cosmetic items have JUST ARRIVED!!

5E3860-Marden Edwards B100FF
Automatic inline overwrapper rated up to 50 ppm. Package size range of: (3" - 12" L) x (2 - 8" W) x (5/8" - 4"H). Currently equipped with 48" L x 12" W variable speed product infeed conveyor at 24" height.

1000 Gallon 304 S/S jacketed tank rated at 30 Psi at 250F. Equipped with 60"H straight wall x 72"W dia. Partlow temperature controller, 1 HP propeller agitation,1-1/2" thick jacket and 2" dia shaft.

5D2822-Stokes 3282
Automatic 33 station station rotary tablet press capable of 1200 - 3000tpm. Unit has maximum operating pressure of 10 tons, with pressure release adjustment of 0-10 tons. 33 station unit is equipped w/ 1-5/8" dies & 1-3/16" punch barrel dia tooling.

5E4500-Littleford FM130 4.6 cu ft 316 S/S horizontal paddle high intensity mixer. Unit equipped with a 20" diameter x 27"W S/S chamber with plows on a 3"diameter shaft. Variable speed controls, timer, on /off and manual operated discharge port at 39"H.

R21861-Ross DSLDM1
1 gallon double planetary mixer with working capacity of 3/4 gallons (3 liters) & full holding capacity of 1 gallon (3.8 liters). All wetted parts are hastelloy C with #4 finish and external parts 316 S/S.

5E5530-Sweco LS60
60" S/S dia single deck vibratory sifter feeder rated at 9000 lph. Equipped with a 60"dia deck with 12" dia infeed port, 8" dia bulk product discharge port at 40"H, 16" x 8-1/2" oval product discharge port at 24"H and on / off switch.

5E5410-Weigh Pak AEF1
Automatic 24-station single sided rotary tablet press capable of speeds from 285 - 2266 tpm. Set for "D" tooling, with a maximum pre-compression force of 1000 lbs US and main compression force variable up to 10 US tons.

5E5340-Keith Machinery TPFA
2-head piston filler with container sizes ranging from 1oz to 70oz. Equipped with touch panel control, 304 S/S 15 gallon hopper infed at 78"H, variable speed controls, bottom up fill, no container/no fill and a 120"L x 3-1/4"W tabletop conveyor.

R21472-Cornell D16
S/S "Sanitary Versator" with vacuum system. Equipped with 7.5HP variable speed drive with speed range from 1200rpm to 4000rpm and a flow rate up to 20 gallons per minute depending on product.

5E5280-E Pak
Automatic inline 6 spindle 3 station quill capper capable of speeds up to 120 cpm depending on cap size and container. Has a cap size range of: 10mm - 115mm dia x 5mm - 70mm thick caps, and container from 2" - 14" H with proper change parts.

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