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5C9101-Littleford FKM300
300 liter S/S mixer has a 10 cu ft total and 6 cu ft working capacity. Mix chamber internal dimensions: 28" diam x 39"L and is equipped with (4) plows & 1 chopper.

5E0322-Filamatic ALZ700
Automatic, stainless steel, 6 head, inline, closed environment, piston filler rated from 12 to 60 cpm depending on materials and application.

R24170-Jones IMV5
Semi-automatic, intermittent motion, vertical, tuck cartoner capable of speeds up to 60 cpm, depending on application. 2 chain unit is set on 5" centers, carton size range of: 1"- 4" L x 3/4"- 2-3/4" W x 2 1/8"- 7" D.

5E4520-Ilapak LYNX
Automatic 1-up horizontal wrapper from 10 to 100 cpm, depending upon application. Size range: 3" to 15" in Length; 3/4" to 8" in Width; up to 3-1/2" in Height.

5D8536-Tonazzi COLIBRI 1001
Automatic, intermittent motion, 304 S/S, 12 station, 2-head HOT AIR tube filler capable of up to 200 tpm. Tube size range is 3/8"-1" (10mm to 25mm) in diameter x 2"-9 3/4" (50mm to 250mm) in height.

5C8715-Kemwall IV
Automatic hydraulic single color powder press is capable of up to 30 compacts per min. on a single tooling set up and up to 60 compacts per min. on a double.

5D7521-Gaulin 15M8TA
Two stage lab-style homogenizer rated to 15 gallons per hour. Unit operates continuously at 8000 psi and can process a minimum volume of one pint.

3 roller mill with 5" diameter x 11" L rolls. Equipped with hand crank adjustment for gaps, 17"L x 12"W x 1-1/2"H product tray, 5"W discharge tray at 30"H and on/off controls.

Semi-automatic, 6 station, rotary blister sealer rated up to 20 cycles/min, number of product dependent on application. 56" dia rotary table has (6) product stations with a 16" x 10" seal platen area.

5D7541-MGS GFG100
Fully automatic, all stainless steel, hot melt glue, tray/carton former capable of speeds from 10 to 40 cpm. Has tray/cartons size range of: (6" - 16 1/2"L) x (3 1/2" - 17""W) x (3/4" - 3 1/2" D), blank size of (5" -18 1/2"L) x (7 1/2" - 18"W).

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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