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These Meat Machines have JUST ARRIVED for March!!

5F0050-Ilapak Delta
Horizontal, stainless steel, box motion, gas flush, flow wrapper capable of speeds up to 60 ppm. Package size range: up to 15.2" L; up to 12" W; up to 4.8" H.

5F0259-Goodman Packaging 010SD Form fill and seal machine rated at 60 layers per minute with case sizes ranging from 10 to 18" L x 6 to 12" W x 3 to 12" H.

5F0061-Hi Speed MM200
Automatic, 3-zone, high speed, checkweigher rated up to 300 product per minute. Maximum product size: up to 7.87" (200 mm) L; up to 7.87" (200 mm) W. Maximum product weight: 3,000 grams.

5F0522-Groen FT100
100 Gallon, 304 stainless steel jacketed kettle. Vessel dimensions: 36" diameter x 24" deep. Maximum W.P: 25 psi @ 300F. Minimum design metal temperature: 32F @ 25 psi.

Trough style, S/S, water jacketed, COP tank. Inner dimensions: 124" L; 24" W; 10" D. Equipped with two 1" OD jacket inlet/outlets, 1-1/2" ID sanitary top mounted product drizzle bar with (31) 1/4" openings set on 4" centers.

5F0640-Mulitpond 14 head, S/S, rotary combination, single weigh scale system rated to 80 weighs per minute. Weight range: 50 - 1,600 grams. Accuracy product dependent : +/- 0.5 grams.

Progressive cavity, open throat, low shear, 304 S/S, pump rated up to 60 gallons per minute. 15 hp drive. Rpm: 1800 in; 102 out. Pressure rating: up to 225 psi (15.5 bar).

5B1555-Marlen 629
Twin piston pump capable of pumping up to 12,000 Lbs of products/hr. Has twin pistons with 6" dia x 14" stroke, and 4" Cherry Burrell "Q" type outlet, 36" dia, all S/S 600 Lb capacity product hopper with agitator.

5E3451-Stephan Machinery
S/S continuous fine cutter/emulsifier capable of an output up to 8,800 lbs/hr. Equipped with a 15 hp stuffer in feed, 3.75" dia product inlet/outlet in the cutting chamber, hinged cutting housing door, and powered by a 118 hp motor.

Automatic chub filling, double clip closing line capable of doing up to 50 cycles/min. Consists of Vemag Model HP15C hydraulic driven vacuum stuffer, has 36" dia x 36" D, 350 litre, tilt back, S/S product hopper with auger, side scraper and cover.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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