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5E7070-APV SR210
S/S plate and frame heat exchanger with 92.5 total sq ft, and aprox 2.57 sq.ft. heat transfer area per plate.

5E7150-Ramsey AC9000 PLUS
Inline, S/S, 5 zone, belt checkweigher rated at speeds from 25 - 300 ft/min.

5E7560-Accutek ASC6
Automatic, S/S, 3 station, 6 spindle, quill capper capable of speeds up to 200 cpm, depending on application. Unit has a cap size range of: 10mm - 120mm with a container size range of: 1oz - gallons.

5E7768-Label Aire 3111
Pressure sensitive, air blow, spot labeler capable of speeds up to 1500 linear inches / min. Has a swivel mounted bracket and blow on label head with 6" L x 5" W label area and a label size range of: 3/4" - 5" L x 3/4" - 4" W.

5C9702-Kalish MONOCOUNT
Complete monocount tablet/capsule packaging line rated to 60 bottles per minute on 100 count bottles.

5C9221-Cam M92ALL
Automatic blister former rated to 40 Cycles per minute. Web width: 256mm; Forming depth: 12mm; Index:180mm.

5E2907-Marchesini PS5510
Wipe film evaporator rated at 125 psi @ 350 degree F. Inside dimensions rated at 32 cu ft. Unit has S/S internal construction rated at 15 PSI @ 360F and 125 PSIG @ 360F with a head thickness at .118 + 1.575.

5E6450-Perry ESUA
Combination, S/S, vacuum powder filler/stoppering unit capable of speeds up to 120 single dose fills/min depending on application.

5E7243-Adco 18TS35
Two roll mill equipped with 6" x 13" rollers running at 33 rpm. Features a pressure body bar.

5E4150-Klockner IM714
Automatic, intermittent motion, horizontal form/fill/seal machine capable of speeds up to 100 ppm. Unit set on 7" centers, has 14 stations and 30 individual pouch gripper clips.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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