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Positive displacement, single stage, S/S, progressive cavity style pump capable flow rates to 100 gal/min depending on application. Has (1) 4 3/4" and (2) 2 /2" OD sanitary top inlet / outlet ports and a 4 2/3" OD front product port.

5E7963-Ohara CP48F
48" ID S/S, conical shaped coating pan with a maximum capacity of up to 19.6 gallons. 48" ID ribbed coating bowl, 32" deep, and 24" ID access opening. 3 hp motor drive with variable speed pully control for speeds between 20 rpm.

5E7717-Safeline POWERPHASE
Conveyor thru, 304 S/S, 2 frequency metal detector with a 8"W x 3"H working aperture. On high frequency unit has sensitivity levels of 0.5 mm Ferrous, 0.5 mm Non-Ferrous, and 0.8mm S/S; on low frequency unit has sensitivity levels of 0.6 mm Ferrous, 0.6 mm Non-Ferrous, and 1.0 mm S/S.

5E7768-Label Aire 3111
1500 Pressure sensitive, air blow, spot labeler capable of speeds up to 1500 linear in/min. Has a swivel mounted bracket and blow on label head with 6" L x 5" W label area and a label size range of: 3/4" - 5" L x 3/4" - 4" W, with accuracy of: +/- 1/32".

5E7070-APV SR210
S/S, plate and frame heat exchanger with 92.5 total sq ft, and aprox 2.57 sq.ft. heat transfer area per plate. Has (36) 11" W x 32" L x 1/4" Thick, S/S plates.

5E7560-Accutek ASC6
Automatic, S/S, 3 station, 6 spindle, quill capper capable of speeds up to 200 cpm, depending on application. Has cap size range of: 10mm - 120mm, container size range of: 1oz - gallons.

5E8767-Alloyd 6S1216
Automatic, 6 station, rotary blister sealer rated up to 20 cycles/min. 52" dia rotary table has (6) product stations with a 16" x 12" seal platen area. Machine automatically places blister and cards and has a card magazine with (8) vacuum suction cup pick n place.

5E8536-Hapman HELIX
2-1/2" Dia x 112" L screw conveyor. Has a 41'' L x 26'' W x 32'' D S/S vibratory product hopper with flip up cover, a 2-1/2" OD x 132" L.

5E8612-Stephan Machinery
40 liter, hi speed pilot plant, vacuum, cooker, cooler, processor, pressure rated at 29 psi at 260 degrees F. Bowl pressure rated to 72 psi at 260 degrees F. Equipped with adjustable chopper blades and scraper agitator.

5E8045-Cozzoli FPS2FF
Automatic, intermittent motion, 2 head ampule filler, flame sealer, capable of speeds from 15 - 60 cycles, or 30 - 120 containers/min. Can be run with 1 or 2 filling heads and pistons, 5" max nozzle elevation, fill range of: 1cc - 30cc.

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