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These Snackfood Machines have JUST ARRIVED for Aug!!

5F0050-Ilapak Delta
Horizontal, stainless steel, box motion, gas flush, flow wrapper capable of speeds up to 60 ppm. Package size range: up to 15.2" L; up to 12" W; up to 4.8" H.

5F0150-Bartelt IM612 Automatic, intermittent motion, horizontial, F/F/S machine capable of speeds up to 120 ppm. Pouch size range: 2" - 4-3/4" W; 2" - 9-1/2" L.

5F1700-Middlleby Marshall PS360T
Dual chamber, stainless steel, gas fired, hot air jet oven. Aperture: 33.5" W; 4" H; 108" L. Baking area: 24.2 ft. Temperature range: 0 - 550 F. Bake time: 2 minutes and 40 seconds to 29 minutes and 50 seconds.

5F0320-Revent 626
Single rack, stainless steel, gas baking oven. Temperature range: 95 - 572F. Rack size: 18" x 26". Pan size: 20" x 30". Maximum load of rack lift and platform: 441lbs.

5F0259-Goodman Packaging 010SD
Form/Fill/Seal machine rated at 60 layers per minute and case sizes ranging from 10" to 18" L x 6" to 12" W x 3" to 12" H. Equipped with 192" L x 16" W infeed conveyor and a 72" L x 12" W product conveyor.

5F2001-Holmatic PR1 Inline, S/S, intermittent motion, single lane, cup filler/sealer/over lidder rated up to 60cpm. Container size range: up to 5" in diameter and up to 7" in height with fills up to 48oz.

10 Cu ft, stainless steel double sigma blade, mixtruder. Has 38" L x 36" W x 24" D inner dimension jacketed mixing chamber, with flip-up S/S cover, dual 16" H x 36" L sigma mixing blades and a single 5" dia x 36" L auger screw product discharge.

5F0440-Midwestern MR60S88
60" dia, single deck, 304 S/S, vibratory sifter. Equipped with a removable cover with an 8" dia top center inlet and two 5" dia top inlets, 8" D top frame, 9" D bottom frame, and two 8" discharges with 32" and 19" discharges.

5F0522Groen FT100
100 Gallon, 304 S/S jacketed kettle. Vessel dimensions: 36" dia x 24" D. Maximum W.P: 25 psi @ 300F. Minimum design metal temperature: 32F @ 25 psi. Equipped with two 1" NPT jacket inlet/outlets and a 2" dia side bottom discharge.

Curved 90 degree, 60" W x 60" L conveyor with a 30" radius. Equipped with a 42" wide stainless steel mesh belt and variable speed controls.

With over 8,000 Pre-Owned Packaging & Processing machines all under one roof, The Frain Group can find the right piece for your project and have you up and running in half the time compared to new machinery!
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