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5E2047-Southern Machine Fully automatic, case erector capable of speeds up to 45 cpm. (depending on application). Case size range of: (10" - 24" L) x (5" - 18" W) x (6 1/2" - 22" D). Equipped with blank carton magazine, vacuum pic-n-place, flap tucker, and folders, Nordson 3500 hot melt system, and ram closure compression section. Versatile, compact unit has a size standard magazine.


5E2071-Waukesha 316 stainless steel, rotary, positive displacement pump capable of pumping up to 130 gallons per minute (depending on application ). Has 3" inside diameter product in/outlets, Waukesha's "88" dual twin wing stainless steel rotors, with a temperture range of -40 to + 300 deg f. and a maximum pressure rating of 200psi (13.8 bar). Mounted of a pedistal base with a Toshiba 5 HP variable speed motor drive.


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5E2116-Ishida Single belt checkweigher with a 18"L x 3.5"W capable of weighing up to 1.2kg. Has one 22.5"L x 3.5"W infeed belt. Mounted on a painted steel frame with adjustable height.


5E2240-Fallas Automatic, left handed, top load, robotic, case erector, packer, capable of up to 30 robot cycles@minute, or 14 cases@min (depending on application).. Has a bag size range of: (6" -14" L) x (1 12" - 8"W) x (1" - 3 1/2"H). case size range of: (10" - 22"L) x (6" - 14"W) x (4" - 11"H). Equipped with blank case magazine, case upender erector, product belt infeed conveyor, robotic vacuum pick & place arm. PLC controls & AC servor motor drive controller


5E2270-Adco Automatic, intermittent motion, horizontal, H/M glue cartoner capable of speeds up to 300 cpm (depending on application). 4 chain adjustable unit is set on 12" centers with (1" W x 2 1/2" H) lugs and has a carton size range of: (1" - 9 1/2 " L ) x (3/4" - 3" W) x (6" - 15" D). Equipped with a 24" L powered blank carton magazine, conveyor, barrel cam loader, Nordson gun H/M glue system & PLS series 5000 touch pad controller.


5E2313-Groen 1000 gallon 304 stainless steal 40 psi @ 300F tank. Unit has 70" diameter x 74" deep bowl. Has bridge mounting with dual flip top cover. Unit is mounted on 6 pipe style legs, has 3" discharge with 25" discharge height.


5E2041-Orics Industries Index-motion, MAP, 4 station, rotary tray sealer capable of up to 13 cycles per minute. 48" diameter product turntable wih an air operated, gripper tray infeed, (4) stations, with a (19" L x 12" W) seal head with vacuum chamber assembly with gas flush, with adjustable seal temp and pressure with a busch 5 hp vacuum pump.


5E1960-Patterson Kelley 3 cubic foot stainless steel twin shell mixer. Unit rated for up to lbs per cubic foot maximum density. Has (2) 16" OD/ 13" ID charge ports, and a 6" diameter butterfly discharge valve with 14" floor clearance floor discharge. Mixer is mounted on a painted mild steel frame with locking casters. Last running in a pharmaceutical lab operation.


5E1851-Bosch Vertical form fill and seal machine with scale rated to 140 bags per minute. Bag size range: (length) up to 15 3/4" x (width) 3" to 9 3/4". Stand up bag size range: (width) 2 to 8 1/2" x (depth) 1 1/4" to 4 1/2". Equipped with a 25" web width, power unwind, registration, rubber bag grippers, 17" L vertical seal, 10 1/2" W horizontal seal & 10 1/2" W by 21" L discharge chute,


5E1620-Great Lakes Automatic, continuous motion side seal horizontal wrapper rated to 70 ppm. Product size range up to: 16" W x 6" H x 4" to infinite length. Equipped with walking beam seal jaws that can be rotated 90 deg to run 6" W x 12", maximum roll diameter of 14", 37" maximum film width, Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 programmable controls, hand crank adjustments, 10' L lugged in-feed set on 13" centers, perforation wheels, scrap removal, Lean guarding, E-stops, 15" H by 25" W shrink tunnel with 15" W by 96" L mesh belt and a 36" conveyor height.


5E1611-Video Jet Single head ink jet printer capable of one to four lines of print in speeds up to 916 ft/min. The characters will print out at a speed of up to 1832 per second, depending on font. Optimal character height range of 1/8" min to more than 1/3" max. Includes 224 message storage capacity with (8) 62 character single line or (8) 124 character twin-line messages, 66 alphanumeric and special character keys and a 40 character light line LCD display. Has a line speed capability at 10 characters per inch.


5D9764-Moncon High speed capsule weight inspection unit capable of weighing, and inspecting capsules at speeds up to 1800 on size's 00 & 0, and 2000 on size's of 1,2,3,4 per minute. Inspects 100% of encapsulators capsule output, automaticlly zeroing in on each capsules weight measurement, and guarantees accuracy to within (+ or -) 1% of capsule weight in mg's. Also will reject chipped, chaffed, empty, or under weight capsules. Has a 20" diameter glass capsule turntable, state of the art control panel with CRT display screen for all functions, keypad, as well as hopper speed, turntable speed, and zero set adjust controls, dejam, spacing disable, as well as a reset buttons, vacuum system to dust collector, and is able to run in "lights out operation".


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