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5D6091-Bartelt Automatic, intermittent motion, pre-formed pouch filler / sealer capable of up to 80 pouches per minute. Pouches: (2" - 8 1/2")W x (2" - 11")H. Has 30"L pre-formed pouch magazine, 3-cup vacuum reciprocating pouch pick & place, 8 1/2"L top seal bar, 16"L x 8"W gravity discharge chute and PLC controller.


6R0056-Hensen Automatic, 12-station, intermittent motion, rotary, pre-form pouch filler capable of filling up to 50 pouches per minute. Pouches: (6" - 13 3/4")L x (4" - 9 3/4")W. Has 35 gallon product hopper, 55"L pre-formed pouch infeed, three fill stations, maximum fill of 0.8 gallons (6.6 lbs.), bag test station, heat sealing station, seal emboss coder, pouch seal test station, and PLC.


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5E1040-Quill Automatic 2 station (4 spindle) capper rated to 80 cpm. Container size range: 1oz to gallons. Equipped with 22" diameter sorting bowl with hopper feeder and variable speed controls. Cap size range:13mm to 70mm.


5E1165-Circle Multi-lane vertical form / fill / seal rated to 60 cycles per minute. Pouch size range: 1-1/4" to 12" in width; 2-1/8" to unlimited length. Equipped with S/S product hopper, pull wheels, side sealers, cutoff knifes, slitters and PLC controller. Can run to 6 up. Fills to 16fl oz.


5E1070-APV 304 stainless steel high speed LiquiVerter mixer has 100 gallon capacity and a square, single shell tank. Unit has a CIP spray ball connection with a flat square man way with hinged removable cover. Impeller is powered by a 20 hp motor. Unit has two 1-1/2" sanitary product inlets and one 2-1/2" product outlet.


5E0950-Kisters High speed, multi-pack, registered film shrink bundler with tunnel rated to 120 cycles per minute. Equipped with 16' long by 36" wide infeed. Tunnel aperture is 10-1/2" high by 36" wide. Individual PLC for wrapper and tunnel. Configures to multiple lane / pack patterns, and wrap loose product.


5E0876-Rovema Continuous motion, vertical form fill & seal machine capable of up to 160 bpm. Bag size range: 2 3/8" to 9 13/16" WIDE; 4" to 19 11/16" LONG. Equipped with 11" x 1-1/2" cross seal jaw with serrated knife cutoff and PLC.


5E0841-Lantech Semi automatic low-level stretch wrapper rated to 20 pallets per hour. Load size of: (30"L x 30"W x 30"H) to (52"W x 52"L x 80"H). Load weight to 3,000 lbs. Equipped with 60" turntable, pre-stretch & 42"L x 48"W ramp.


5E0691-Ishida Belt checkweigher has a maximum speed of 312 feet per minute. It has a weight range of 10 - 1200 grams with an accuracy of +/- .2g. Maximum product dimensions are 16-1/2"L x 8-1/2"W x 5"H. Weigh cell dimensions are 17.5"l x 9"w. Air blast reject. Programmable for up to 100 different products. Includes a double beam load cell weighing mechanism.


5E0603-Serpa Packaging Automatic case erector and bottom tape sealer designed for RSC cases capable of a maximum 15 cases per minute. Min/max case size rage: (length) 5" - 18" x (width) 5" - 14" x (depth) 3" - 24". Equipped with a 3' magazine, vacuum pick-off cups for positive erecting. 2" bottom tape head and AB SLC 500 controls.


5E0598-Hayssen Automatic horizontal wrapper capable of speeds up to 100 packages per minute. Maximum product size of: (girth) 16" x (length) 12 1/2" x (width) 8" x (height) 2 1/2". 9' L triple chain infeed set on 12" centers, adjustable height seal, 8 1/2" L seal blades and discharge conveyor.


5E0526-Ingersoll Rand 75 horsepower rotary screw air compressor. Compressor capacity of: 325 cfm @ 125 psi. Air cooled.


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