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5E2280-Aasted Seven plate, chocolate tempering unit. Has 3" diameter flanged product inlet, 2" diameter triclover discharge, five copper-tube media inlets/outlets, three digital guages, and barrier guarding.


5E2270- Adco PLS Series 5000 touch pad. Rotary pick and place. These are continuous motion machines that can be changed to intermittantly. Like new condition.


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5E2116-Ishida Single belt checkweigher with a 18"L x 3.5"W capable of weighing up to 1.2kg. Has one 22.5"L x 3.5"W infeed belt. Mounted on a painted steel frame with adjustable height.


5E2060-APV Crepavo 300 gallon, stainless steel jacketed mix tank. 54" inside diameter x 42" straight wall. Dome top, has a 18" manway, with a flip top bolt down cover, and saftey shut-off switch. Top mounted anchor style agitation with bottom scrapers, side baffle, and CIP spray ball. Rated 94 psi@400 deg f.


5E1830A- US Bottlers fully automatic complete liquid filling line. Equipped with Barry Wehmiller ZC4-1 S/S uncaser, US Bottlers 56 Hd pressure liquid filler w/control system, Consolidated 16 Hd capper w/hopper & cleated incline cap feeding system, Miller Hydro HS-40 drop caser, full case checkweigher and Able tape case sealer.


5E2071- Waukesha 316 stainless steel, rotary, positive displacement pump capable of pumping up to 130 gallons per minute. Has 3" inside diameter product in/outlets, Waukesha's "88" dual twin wing stainless steel rotors, with a temperture range of -40 to + 300 deg f. and a maximum pressure rating of 200psi (13.8 bar).


6M1733-3M Semi automatic, adjustable, top/bottom case taper, capable of speeds to 30 cpm. Has a case size range of: (6" - unlimited L) x (4.5 " - 18" W) x (3.5" - 25" H). Equipped with top/bottom gripper belt case conveyor, 2" tape heads, 19"L x 24" W product roller conveyor with a 26.5" adjustable discharge height, on/off toggle switch, and e-stop.


6M1671-Ishida 12-head, stainless steel, combination weigh scale system, capable of up to 180 weighs per minute. Has 500cc stainless steel weigh buckets, with a weight range of 4g to 500g, and accuracy of +/- 1g. Has capabilities of weighing two different products, pair bucket weighing method, where each pool hopper feeds two weigh hoppers. Dual in feed pneumatic product chutes.


6M1647-Lock 14" W by 4 1/2" H stainless steel food grade metal detector. Equipped with a 13" W by 12' L pass through conveyor, air reject system, adjustable guide rails, 5" H infeed and a 40" H discharge. Mounted on adjustable height screw legs.


6M1532-Modern Flow stainless steel, continous enrober / coating barrel lbs@hr (depending on application). Has a 48" diameter x 17' long chamber, 16" W x 14" L product feed hopper with a pair of nozzles for liquid coating, interior has fixed ribbed baffles and a 36" diameter discharge. 5 Hp drive, and mounted on common roller base frame. Last used in a food operation.


5E1880A-Muller Fully automatic, rotary turntable, stretch wrapper capable of doing up to 50 loads per hour. Can handle pallets 54" L x 54" W x 80" H, and loads up to 4000 lbs. Has 54" diameter turntable with power rollers, variable speed turntable (1 - 15 rpm), to 300% pre-stretch, with film dancer controls, and 20" wide film. 72" L x 54" W infeed, and 60" L x 54" W discharge powered roller conveyor's sections with 3" dia x 54" L rollers on 4" centers with 1/2" gaps. Has electric eyes, film cutting system, and PLC controller.


6M1395-Marden Edwards Automatic, inline, over wrapper rated to 50 ppm. Package size range of: (2" - 18" L) x (3/4" - 14" W) x (1/3" - 7"H). Equipped with 48" L x 12" W variable speed in-feed conveyor, static elimination, no pack-no wrap, low level film spindle, inline film draw, 18" web width, envelope and fold wrap, with concealed overlap.


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