5D9446-Bedford automatic hot melt glue tin-tie applicator capable of 80bpm. Has adjustments for bag width and tie length. Bag size range: 3" to 12"W x 4" to 20"H x 2 1/2" to 8"D.   5D9393- Consolidated automatic 4 head rotary capper capable of 120cpm. Maximum cap size: 120mm Maximum container size: 6 1/2" dia x 8"H.  


Packaging Equipment

R23111-Doboy automatic band sealer capable of linear speeds from 350" to 750"/min. Capable of sealing all heat sealable pre-made bags, tube style or gussetted.   5D9341-Fogg automatic S/S 28 head rotary gravity liquid filler capable of 200cpm. Maximum container size range: 5" dia x 10 3/4"H. Fill range: 1/2 pint to 1/2 gallon.  

Blister Equipment



5D9299-Frazier & Son S/S Z style bucket elevator with 206 cu in dimpled buckets. Unit capable of dumping 72bpm for 8.5 cu ft of product per minute. Unit has a 167" discharge height, 48"L infeed, 184" vert. travel and 82"L discharge.   5D9295- Hi-Speed automatic S/S checkweigher capable of 350ft/min. Unit has a 20 1/2"L x 11 3/4"W load cell capable of weighs of 50 grams to 100lbs. Equipped with a pneumatic reject arm and infeed belt conveyor.  

Case Packers




5D9311-Jacob White semi automatic intermittent motion horizontal load hot melt glue cartoner capable of 100 cartoners/min. Carton size range: 1 3/4" to 7 1/2"L x 7/8" to 4 3/4"W x 4" to 14"D.   5D9324- Modern automatic intermittent motion S/S 6 lane cup filler capable of 200cpm. Unit is equipped with 32 oz pistons and has a fill range of 2oz to 48oz. Unit is equipped with 60" cup magazine.  



Sealing Equipment

5D9302- Pack West automatic S/S 4 head rotary chuck style capper capable of 100cpm. Cap size range: 10mm to 110mm. Maximum container size range: 4 1/2" dia x 11"H.

  R23131-Patterson Kelley 1 cu ft working capacity V-shaped S/S twin shell mixer capable of 50lbs per cu ft. Unit has (2) 11" ID product ports with bolt down covers.  

Shrink Equipment


Processing Equipment

R23102-PDC Intl Corp 6' L neck band shrink tunnel capable of accommodating up to 3 1/4" diameter necks. Mounted on auto lift stand that automatically raises/lowers tunnel above conveyor.

6M0871-Proctor & Schwartz 10,000 lb/hr 4 pass steam heat dryer. 25% to 6% moisture. Unit has a oscillating infeed to a S/S mesh band style oven. Unit equipped with (5) 20HP fans.

Coating Pans



5D9243-Resina automatic 6 spindle inline quill capper capable of 150cpm. Cap size range: 10mm to 70mm. Unit has a 4 1/2"W x 120"L tabletop conveyor.

5D9294-Triangle automatic intermittent motion S/S washdown vertical form and fill with 6 lane dimpled bucketed linear scale system capable of 80bpm.




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